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  1. W

    TFS 0.X How Make runes 7.6 in 8.6 with charges function

    Hello everyone! I've been researching how to make the 8.6 runes look like the 7.4 and 7.6 runes, but I got it partially! as? = editing the .dat .spr and item.otb but the error is as follows! the charging system does not work! does not appear and in the item the number of loads he has! and when...
  2. leocurvelo

    [Brazil][7.4] Devonia Online - Open Test Server

    Devonia Online Devonia Online is an open tibia server based mainly in 7.1/7.4 Tibia version, with retro mecanics, PvP, formulas and as close as possible to nostalgic Tibia. The Test Server is open now, aiming mainly the corrections of bugs, showing off the game, and free to everyone! Some...
  3. imperianic

    [US] [7.4] Imperianic [08/30/2020, Sunday 19:00 UTC]

    Hello, we decided to open our first United States hosted server, to make South Americans (most of our public) fight against Americans and Europeans. For this, we developed an anti-lag system based on some systems. The first one is an offline walking, that works sending to server your walk...
  4. 4Nathu4

    [France] [7.4+] Valoria Online | New Graphics | RL Map | All Quests and Accesses | also on Android Devices ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Valoria Online Expect new world on 11.09, more info on valoria.online Stable host in France, capable of holding up to 2K players. Modern, antibot Desktop and Android Client's Oldschool spell formulas and mechanics, weak manas, no runes in shops. No wands/rods - they are only decoration or a...
  5. olderion

    [USA] [Custom / 7.4] Olderion [31/07 - 18:00 GMT-3]

    Welcome to Olderion! Here you will have the best experience of old Tibia with unique features to keep the gameplay attractive, challenging and fun! Olderion has its own client with an anti-bot system and active staff to ensure that the game is fair and playable for everyone. Here you will...
  6. Rozrabiaka

    Tibia 7.4 with sprites 8.x help please./ Pomocy

    Hello all. Is anyone able to help me or explain how to do the old version Addons Items, Addons Outfit/Outfit ( With retro). Its better make downgrade from 8.x to 7.4 or something like that. Im a laik, but i have zeal to make this. I have one good datapack 7.72. I remake now with my partner free...
  7. imperianic

    [Brazil] [7.4] Imperianic - Inova - [06/28/2020, Sunday 18:00 BRT]

    Hey guys, after some teams asked us for a new server we decided to open a new Brazilian world, Inova. Imperianic is a 7.4 war based server, so, it lives on hype and new seasons, but all characters, accounts and items still avaiable on Eternity (eternal) world, after a merge on hype ends of every...
  8. kubqq

    What WAR Server do you will wanna Play? 7.4/10.98

    Hello 👁️‍🗨️ I have questions about new WAR OTS!☠ This will WAR-Server with own accounts, with change map system (1. Thais 2. Place between AB - Carlin 3. Fibula 4. Place between Thais - Venore 5. Place Ankh - Darashia) All of these maps will be edit for War server ofc. My questions about this...
  9. imperianic

    [Brazil] [7.4] Imperianic - Imera - [24.05, Sunday 18:00 BRT]

    GENERAL Launch Date: 24/05/2020 Website: Imperianic (https://imera.imperianic.com/register.php?refer=otland) Version: 7.72 downgraded to 7.4 Port: 7173 Host: São Paulo (BR) Protection: ProGDN Premium: Free Video of some server modifications: RATES Experience: From Level To level...
  10. Jpstafe

    Reduce the experience when you die(HELP)

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I would like to know if someone knows how to do it when you die, do not lose level, magic, or skills...
  11. 222222

    [7.4] Authentic Real Map - Extracted from TibiCAM files

    Hello, I've put a lot of work into creating this map and I can safely say this is by far the most accurate 7.4 map that's ever been publicly released. It is not the map which was leaked in the 7.72 CipSoft hack. This map has been extracted from thousands of 7.2 up to 7.4 TibiCAM recordings...
  12. xKrazyx

    [FRANCE][7.4-7.72] Waropolis PvP-Enforced RealMap - LAUNCH APRIL 17th - Fast Paced Wars, Active Staff, Good Events

    Waropolis RPG 7.4-7.72 Real Map Launch: April 17th, 2020- Timer on website Waropolis.net Waropolis is dropping a new season! We aim to provide some intense wars and game-play for players. Tired of runemakers, countless hours of mindlessly exping and just want to have fun? This could be the...
  13. kay

    [UK][7.4] Tibiantis Online - 4th April 16:00 CEST

    Tibiantis Online is a server created by enthusiasts of old Tibia, out of pure nostalgia, to take you (and us) back to 2004. To the days when satisfaction about leveling up was overwhelming and death was so painful that your desk could never lack a glass of lemon juice to sober up... To the times...
  14. Pietia

    [Germany / USA] [Custom client / 7.4] Melania [04.04 - 14.00 CET]

    Information to moderators please don't delete due to 2 countries in topic as I'm advertising 2 servers, Melania is hosted in Germany and in USA. MelaniaOT starts on 04.04.2020 at 14.00 CET First 300 accounts will receive 300 premium points. People that will make a load of accounts for premium...
  15. chauffaille

    [Brazil] [7.4] Elerium

    Website: Elerium-ot.com Port: 7171 Global Map 7.4 with all quests and npcs; OTclient edited; No lag ( players runs smooth!); Tasks System; The objective of the server is to offer a player the experience of living the old tibia version 7.4, Tibia released version 7.4 on December 10, 2004...
  16. TibiCAM

    [OTHire 7.72] Using 7.4 graphics

    Hello, I've decided to switch up from the old Avesta 7.4 to OTHire 7.72. But I want to use OTHire (7.72) with the 7.4 graphics. I've seen numerous posts regarding that but everyone says different things. I now wonder if anyone has an exact guide on how to do that? I tried to use the...
  17. Z

    Nostalrius or Othire?

    I've been doing a lot of tests on both Nostalrius and Othire. I wanted to know who works the longest with them. Which of the two is the best to invest, and work? Bearing in mind that I want to create an Old is Cool experience. 7.4 / 7.72 ... Sorry, for my English. Thanks
  18. ond

    [France] [7.4] Divinum | War-server

    Hello. Some of you might recognize who me and @Kaspar are. If not; we are two friends that used to host a war-server that some people enjoyed spending their time on. Well... We are back, and we are now launching our premium 7.4 based war-server. Our server is not suitable for everyone, since...
  19. A

    [France][Custom / 7.6] Ramonia - Winter Edition | PvP-Enforced | Friday, 20th of December, 18:00 CET

    Hello there, Ramonia is a custom-made project designed to bring some fresh air amongs old-school servers. What distinguish us from others is modern attitude to some mechanism, mapping and sprites. We have created huge content starting small with Yurots base map and few islands - fully revamped...
  20. EaiComeu

    [FRANCE][Custom / 7.4] MELINDRIA|DDosProtected|Anti-bot| PvP-Enforced| December, 13 - 20:00 CEST

    >> Hello Otland. We come with a new propose. Do you like playing retro tibia, but you're sick of the old sprites? Melindria is the best option for you. >> Basic Information: -The server will have medium rates -Hosted in FRANCE -IP: melindria.com Version: 7.4 >> Rates: Experience Stages : 1-8 =...