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  1. wizinx

    TFS 1.X+ NPC system nekiro 7.7

    Hello everyone. I have been trying to solve this problem. The NPC's text is visible only to the player they are talking to ("me") and should be visible to everyone. And there is no queuing system.
  2. chucky91

    TibiaCore 7.4 TFS 1.2 same Nostalrius project.

    Hello. I'm closing my server and my project for a few years of improvement, this is a copy of the Ezzz Nostalrius project. Some improvements and bug removals were made. Added: Cast System. Save players logs. Config.lua spear/small stone drop free/premium. Config.lua make rune in backpack...
  3. highsanta

    [POLAND] [7.4] Zdechlak Online [LIVE] [Rates=OrshaRL74] [Free2Play]

    Discord IP: Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 7.4/own client Uptime: 24/7 (maybe turn off for night when i go sleep) Hosted in: OVH Website: Znote AAC ( Map: Real Map Runes: 2x conjure 1x npc Loot rate: 4x Server type: No skulls hardcore pvp exp for players Skills &...
  4. PuszekLDZ

    [POLAND] [CUSTOM / 7.4] - ThornOTS - Create our world - Test Server

    Hello travelers! I would like to invite you to a newly created server in the style of the old 7.4, but it will be completely created from scratch. WWW / HOST: thornots.eu DISCORD: Join the ThornOTS - RPG custom 7.4 OTS Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/78Ndxvh8pd) Website, client - they are...
  5. imperianic

    [US] [7.4] Imperianic - RARITY SYSTEM - PROXY - VOIP - ANDROID - [26/11/2023, Sunday, 20:00 UTC]

    GENERAL: Launch Date: 26/11/2023 Website: Imperianic (https://www.imperianic.com) Version: 7.72 downgraded to 7.4 Port: 7179 Host: Virginia (US) Protection: ProGDN Premium: Free VIDEOS WIKI: Daily Bosses Daily Sieges Custom Quests and Access Respawns and Hunting Guide Server Systems Client...
  6. kaiqu3gabriel

    [BRAZIL][7.4] Antiga Online

    CREATE NOW YOUR ACCOUNT! Antiga It is a server based on the year 2004. We have various unique features, always focused on maintaining the good old Tibia. The project is foemd by a team who doesn't want profit, so we have a store entirely limited to premium accounts and decoration items...
  7. kaiqu3gabriel

    Antiga Online | 7.4 Server no pay to win | Lets talk about | BRAZIL

    Hello OTlanders, Im here to talk with us about my 7.4 no pay to win project. My name is Kaique, I'm Brazilian, and I've been playing Tibia for approximately 18 years. For some time, I've noticed a scarcity in the server community, and I'm not just referring to Brazil, but mainly here, where...
  8. Prawdziwy

    [CANADA][CUSTOM] Darkrest Online

    Unleash the future on September 15, 2023 (15.09.2023) at 19:00 CEST*, as we launch our server, destined to redefine the realms of performance, adventure, and PvP. Links: Website | Discord | Wikipedia | Gallery * 19:00 CEST | 18:00 WEST | 02:00 PM GMT-3 | 10:00 AM PDT Our trailer, made by...
  9. H

    [USA][7.4] Classick starts today! [09/09/23] [RLMAP+Custom]

    Website: http://classick.sytes.net Classick 7.4: Is a mid-high rated real map server made to have fun, there are no pay to win items and there are fully smooth gameplay aswell with custom content. Server Features: Stackable Manafluids Stackable Runes Runes in NPC Market system Balanced...
  10. Darkrest

    Graphic Designer Darkrest.Online is looking for spriter (Outfits)

    Hello! We are looking for a spriter experienced in 7.4-7.72 outfits spriting. We are using English/Polish to communicate. We are looking for a responsible and communicative person who understands the difference between the new and old styles. -> Please send us a quota (pricing) for outfits...
  11. Y


    I need a client of my own for my 7.4 server, I need an experienced programmer with references to make a client the way I'm looking. Answer here to make a quote, thank you! I don't know if I'm in the right place, if not I'm sorry and I ask that you kindly move!
  12. Derlexy

    Nostalgia Project

    Nostalgia Project I'd like to showoff my personal server project, and collect some thoughts about it. First things first: this is a personal project that i`ve working for some time now. At the moment, i have no intention to release it online, at least not as an open server. I'd like to make...
  13. Darkrest

    Darkrest.Online - Nostalgia Redefined - Discussion Thread

    I'd like to introduce you to our* project Website: Darkrest.Online Discord: Darkrest Discord Remember the rush of adventuring in the classic Tibia world? The thrill of every level gained, the despair over each hard-fought defeat, and the camaraderie with your guild? We aim to bring that feeling...
  14. Bam

    [France] [7.4] Hela High Rate Real Map, Mysteriandos, New Spawns, Monsters, Items [04.08.2023]

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Odenia is happy to announce the launch of our second server Hela, this server will be a seasonal server with higher rates. It will have a definitive end to it and is planned to revive multiple times...
  15. leik meris

    [USA][7.4] Xantera| LOW RATE | MAP 7.4 | LAUNCH MAY 26 18:00 UTC

    Xantera Online is a server created by enthusiastic old school gamers. This project has been active since the year 2017. Based on a TFS that interprets the hacked files of Tibia 2006. In Xantera Online you will find all the functionalities that existed in the year 2006 ~ 2007 except some...
  16. imperianic

    [US] [7.4] Imperianic - RARITY SYSTEM - PROXY - VOIP - ANDROID - [16/04/2023, Sunday, 20:00 UTC]

    ITEMS RARITY SYSTEM: The SOUL BOX rarity system works with 3 tiers. Soul boxes are dropped by monsters. The monsters were divided into 3 tiers, weak monsters (tier 1 box), strong monsters (tier 2 box) and very strong monsters (tier 3 box). For each tier box has a range of equipments: a)...
  17. Bam

    [France] [7.4] Odenia Online - Launch March 31st 18.00 (CEST) - 100% Free to play. 0% Pay to win.

    Discord Server Website -LAUNCH DATE- MARCH 31st - 6 PM (CEST) / 18.00 Welcome to Odenia Online, a reverse-engineered open tibia server that aims to achieve the long-lost feeling of a community that was lost somewhere along the path of Tibia. With us, what you see is what you get. We will be...
  18. Krysin

    [USA][Custom] SoE RPG - Original Mechanics - Imaginative Adventures - New World Release! [01.05.24]

    Enjoyed by thousands with our initial release, don't miss the next installment in the SoE series with this new world launch! Join the adventure this Friday, March 10 @ 18:00 GMT Cash prizes, community giveaways, multiple events and much much more accompanying this release! We look forward to...
  19. Sneaky

    [USA][7.4] Memoria - a Cerebra Online project | Global Host

    Memoria is our 7.4 clone of Tibia, here you can expect to find a true copy of the gameplay you remember, that means creatures, combat, magic and overall balance works the same way as they did back in the days. Memoria is built on The Violet Project engine that is reverse engineered from cipsoft...
  20. Y

    Spawn Monster Via Item

    Hail guys from OtLand, okay? I would like to know if someone can make a script for me, my idea is like this: I would like to have a specific item that when the player uses it, spawns a monster next to the player, but all the SQM around the player would have to be free , not being able to have a...