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Are you interested in playing Safira Server?

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    Welcome to the world of Safira Server!

    Welcome, my fellow tibians! I hereby invite all of those, interested in starting a brand new adventure, to our very first public test server.

    If you are a competitive player, seek new challenges, is interested in new unique elements, or is simply looking for more a server with more RPG elements, this is the one for you!

    Note: This post will be completely reformulated for the grand opening, containing more images, information and accurate data about the server, as well as a few links to our website (under construction as of the moment), of useful guides.

    Test Server:


    When will it start?

    It is online, at this very moment.

    When will it come to an end?

    The test server will come to an end, as soon as we are completely satisfied, when we are sure that enough players got to know the new features and towns, with no further bugs that can compromise the integrity of the server as well as your gaming experience. Then, the grand opening should be finally, officially scheduled, here on this very post.

    Do we plan on resetting the server at any given point in time?

    The answer is open to the players. When the community is built and well established, we will create a poll and a thread, addressing this issue. For now, no, there is no intent to do so in a near future - that is, after the server is up and running oficially, it will of course be reset after the testing period.

    But in the case of a hypothetical reset, what will happen to our web store purchases?

    In case the server gets indeed reset one day, all premium points that were purchased via web store, will be properly attributed to each account. If this happens and you have payed for points and still haven't received them back in a week after the reset, send a ticket to our support, containing the proof of payment, and we'll get back to you as soon as we confirm it. We will make sure that everything is in place within the first two weeks.

    Are BOTs and other programs deemed as illegal, allowed?

    Only programs used to assist you (bots) are allowed, but not to the means of 100% afk playing. Gamemasters will check all suspect activities reported by the community, so watch out.
    Other programs such as magebomb, and others are strictly prohibited, leading to the deletion of your account. More information regarding this topic will arise in due time.

    Official Server Opening:

    As of this moment, it is scheduled to be launched on the:

    20th of August, 2017 - 11:00 am - BRT - Brasília Time (04:30 pm - CEST / 02:30 pm - GMT / 03:30 pm - BST)

    Keep in mind that this and every other information, like settings and rates are subject to change.

    Website & IP:

    Safira Server

    IP: safira.servegame.com

    Special Test Server NPC: Testserver Assistant - Oficial test server NPC, she will be available at every city, supplying you with money, so everyone can make the most of testing period. Just say: “money” to receive 100k at a time.

    Reporting bugs: We kindly ask everyone who's interested in helping and receiving special prizes, that read the following statement in portuguese (top) and english (bottom), regarding bug reports: Safira Server

    Updates: The server will be updated regularly, with balancing, bug fixes, the implementation of new areas (both from real map and exclusive), quests, many new features and much more.

    Features: Keep in mind that the server is ever growing and updating, so while it lacks some components and features seen as essential by players, we will implement those new features of new versions, with time, such as: the reward chest, cast, global depot, imbuing, prey, life/mana leech & critical hits, war anti-entrosa & castle systems, as well as: pvp arenas, pvp tournaments, mini games, our exclusive Endless Tower feature (Ragnarök Online-esque), war of the emperium and more. If they are not yet present, it means that there is room for improvement and we will make sure they work correctly, before releasing to the public.

    Feedback: We’d like to point out that what makes a game what it is, is not the game itself, but the community. All games revolve around their players (or at least should), and with that being said, we are open to hear you, so please, let us know what can be improved, feel free to send us creative criticism, ideas, suggestions and whatever comes to mind, so we can improve your in-game experience. New ideas in general, will be sifted through and then released to the community in form of a poll, in which the players will vote and decide if they should make it into the game. The winners of these polls will receive a special reward for their contribution.

    Server Info:

    Experience Stages -

    1 to 20 - 40x
    21 to 40 - 30x
    41 to 60 - 25x
    61 to 80 - 20x
    81 to 100 - 18x
    101 to 150 - 15x
    151 to 180 - 11x
    181 to 200 - 8x
    201 to 250 - 6x
    251 to 300 - 4x
    301 to ∞ - 2x

    Skill rate - 10x
    Magic rate - 5x
    Loot rate - 2x

    About the map:

    This project consists of a hybrid map - a custom built map, made out of parts of the real tibia map (some of those which were modified, as seen fit by the editor) and custom map pieces, with a mix of classic quests such as Ferumbras Ascendant (completely tracked and scripted by the editor), The Pits of Inferno, Inquisition, Wrath of the Emperor, Bigfoot’s Burden and many others as well as brand new, story-driven ones, containing mighty rewards.

    Note: Every quest (scripts, details) and map piece was modified, so it looks and works more like Real Tibia.


    Exclusive (Not present in Real Tibia maps)

    Safira (Exclusive): The great "Frost Empire" of the north, home of the nordic barbarians and ferocious, winter beasts. Only the bravest of warriors dare to step into its frosty caves and thread its majestic icy fields, due to the extremely low temperatures and the sharp frozen fangs that look not too welcoming as it may seem. The city is also famous for its Arena, where warriors from all over and all races come to challenge one another, in its three modalities, to define the biggest champions of each, as well as to prove who's the greatest Warlord of all.


    Access routes:

    Sea route, through the ports of: Frosland, Renais, Venore & Thais.

    Land routes: through the north frosty fields of Frosland - “The Night Watch” quest required (not yet available).

    Renais (“Exclusive”): The great monarchy of Renais, the lustrous city of the lords, home of the noblest families, attached to the refuge and sacred place of the pious templar knights and priests. Famous for its gladiators and market, it was meticulously planned and designed to be the largest and most powerful of them all. Its walls can house thousands of people, as well as it does to some of the 7 wonders of Tibia: the world-famous Colosseum and the Holy Templar Knights' Cathedral. Other landmarks are: the colossal Castle Renais and its numerous shops, with traders from all over the lands, known to humans.


    Access routes:

    Sea route, through the ports of: Edron, Venore, Thais,

    Port Hope, Ankrahmun, Darashia, Gray Island, Safira, Liberty Bay, Yalahar, Frosland, Payon, Old Town, Jungle Camp & Oramond.

    Frosland (“Exclusive”): The icy southern town of the glacial continent, an expanding barbarian settlement. Its lands were taken away from the Chakoya tribe that used to live there, by the barbarians. The small creatures were reported to be plotting to take it back, one day.


    Access routes:

    Sea route, through the ports of: Safira, Renais, Venore, Thais, & Yalahar.

    Land route: to the south plains of Safira - “The Night Watch” quest required (not yet available).

    Scorching Island ("Exclusive"): One of the numerous settlements of the Explorer Society. A great wall separates this small cluster of buildings to the rest of the island, it was erected to protect its inhabitants from the dangerous, reptilian three-headed creatures, that inhabit the other side.


    Access routes:

    Can be accessed via NPC Captain Serena,to the south of Port Hope's and through the jungle of Tiquanda, to the west of Banuta.

    Sograt (“Exclusive”): The scalding desert city. Home to underground misteries.


    Access routes

    Sea route, through the ports of: Venore, Renais, Darashia, Ankrahmun, Old Town, Jungle Camp & Rachel.

    Land routes: to the southwest of Jungle Camp and the southeast of Hyperium's entrance.

    Payon (“Exclusive”): Thaian settlement, to the northwest of Tiquanda.


    Access routes:

    Sea route, through the ports of: Jungle Camp, Yalahar, Liberty Bay, Port Hope, Thais, Venore, Renais & Edron.

    Land route: through Tiquanda, by the southeast of Banuta.

    Rachel (“Exclusive”): The picturesque, mountain-town of the deserts, symbol of prosperity, diversity and unity. It was built with the help of the dwarves, elves and humans, but due to differences of interests, the three races cut their ties and split it in different places, thus putting an end to one of its greatest and best characteristics: the union.


    Access routes:

    Sea route, through the ports of: Renais, Venore, Ankrahmun, Darashia & Sograt.

    Land route: through Tiquanda, by the southeast of Banuta.

    Air route: through the magic, flying carpets of Darashia, Edron e Farmine.

    Pharos Island (“Exclusive” - not available at the time):
    The oasis city, snynonym of wealth and luxary, an excelent tropical "refuge", for those who search for an isolated, luxurious place, to relax, chill out and enjoy the fruits of much work, fight and sacrifice.


    Access routes:

    Sea route, through the ports of: Renais, Thais, Venore, Ankrahmun, Darashia, Sograt & Rachel.

    Old Town (“Exclusive”): One of the oldest city still inhibited by humans. Not too long ago, it was a simble of perseverance, great friendships and stage to long wars for power and vengeance. Many memories and lives were built and destroyed, around this city's history.


    Access routes:

    Sea route, through the ports of: Edron, Renais, Venore, Thais, Liberty Bay, Port Hope, Yalahar, Jungle Camp & Sograt.

    Land routes: to the north of Jungle Camp and west of Hyperium.

    Jungle Camp (“Exclusive”): An old Venorian camp, its structures were raised over the ancient swamp, situated south of Old Town, long ago.


    Access routes:

    Sea route, through the ports of: Edron, Renais, Venore, Thais, Liberty Bay, Port Hope, Yalahar, Payon, Old Town & Sograt.

    Land routes: to the south of Old Town and west of Sograt.

    Hyperium (“Exclusive”): It actually isn't a city itself, but a small special refuge, for the ones who are on someone who's head is being hunted. It is an area destined for those who chose pacifism, even if temporarely. In there you will not be able to engane in battle with other players, but know that the resources are very limited, so you will have to face others, at some point in time.


    Access routes:

    Accessed by land routes to the east of Old Town and mountains to the northeast of Sograt.

    Non exclusive

    Port Hope (Extra sea routes to: Tiquanda & Chor), Rathleton (Oramond), Gnome Base, Ankrahmun, Liberty Bay, Darashia, Farmine, Yalahar, Venore, Edron & Thais.


    Main (Non exclusive):

    Killing in the Name Of… (to be implemented)
    The Annihilator (one team per server save)
    Wrath Of The Emperor (missões 9 to 12)
    Safira (previously Svargrond) Arena
    Bigfoot’s Burden (Warzones only)
    Helmet of the Ancients (complete)
    Ferumbras Ascendant (complete)


    The Pits Of Inferno (complete)


    Inquisition (missions 6 & 7)


    Demon Helmet
    Demon Oak

    Main (Exclusive):

    Afterlife (EXCLUSIVE - to be implemented)
    Nightmare Land (EXCLUSIVE - to be implemented)
    Holy Wars (EXCLUSIVE - to be implemented)
    Sword in the Stone (EXCLUSIVE - to be implemented)
    Lost Knowledge (EXCLUSIVE - to be implemented)
    999 Door (EXCLUSIVE - to be implemented)
    Haunted Mansion / Chateau (EXCLUSIVE - to be implemented)


    !changesex (temporarely available)
    !blessing (buys all 5 standard blessings at once)
    !twist (buys the twist of fate/pvp blessing)
    !buyhouse (ingame house system)
    !leavehouse (leaves owned house)
    !sellhouse "buyer name

    If you still have any further questions regarding the server, feel free to ask away!

    Kind regards,

    GM Richard
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