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local function release(creatureId)
    local creature = Creature(creatureId)
    if creature then
        creature:setOutfit{lookType = 15}

Just what I was looking for, thanks!

Fun and all, I get that you want a break and if you wish to come back you are always welcome back!
Till then you know what is coming ... ;)

banning super mario GIF
Come back bro.

Xikini the greatest.
Don't leave us, what will you do in life without OtLand? That's pointless.
Started playing Tibia in 98/99.
Stopped playing Tibia in 14/15.
Came here in 10/11, returned a bit after that and stuck around.

Friend isn't working on his server at all.
I don't feel like learning TFS 1.2+
I come on here when bored, instead of moving on and forward.
It's time to leave this part of my life behind.

This will be my last post.
I won't be responding to pm's.

You can contact me by joining my discord group 'filthy casuals'. Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
I'm probably going to start streaming on twitch soon as well.
You can find me there as well whenever I'm live. Twitch


Just gonna bump this thread instead of making a new one.
I'm leaving, for basically the same reasons as before.

This forum is just a time sink for me at this point, and I'd rather put that time to better use.

Delayed goodbye, but actually goodbye this time. xD
Haahahahahahah see you soon @Xikini
You helped me a lot getting into programming when I just started. Thanks for that! ;)
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