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Solved Cannot edit "/etc/systemd/system/tfs.service"


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Feb 18, 2008
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[solved]I am denied permission to edit this file while setting up a new executable path in tfs.service. Any way to get around this?

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Solved with using "sudo mcedit /etc/systemd/system/tfs.service" in PuttY.[/solved]

New problem: [solved]

I've since edited Tfs.service to include the correct pathways, and have uploaded my files with WinSCP, but the server refuses to launch still. What am I missing here? Thanks in advance everyone
Solved with: DevelopersPL/otshosting-provisioning (https://github.com/DevelopersPL/otshosting-provisioning/wiki/How-to-run-TFS-OTServ-compiled-for-Windows)
Use those commands in PuTTY.[/solved]

New new problem:[solved]

I'm.. not really sure where to begin on this one. I followed the instructions on the link above, and when launching with "wineconsole tfs.exe", I get all of these errors. I recompiled the server so it was just a regular command window and nothing fancy. Any advice?

Not really sure what I did here. I simply changed the pathing after being unable to launch it manually with PuTTY, restarted the host, and it worked. I followed the instructions above starting with "set up service unit" using PuTTY. [/solved]


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