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C++ Changing attributes display



Based on this, on tfs 1.4.2 Adding new item attributes (#2807) · otland/forgottenserver@a14f1fb (https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/commit/a14f1fbd46318751ea9557a50d8d87a90f2bf518#diff-aae7abc3c7b37cd9e084bf14170d6472cc8f066131e2c418508ea5a9eba33cc6)

May someone please help me make the boostpercentall/reflectpercentall attributes show on items as just 'damage boost: x%' and 'reflect: x%'
Because I want to use all elements for all items and it gets crazy long, also I'm not looking for elemental difference

Would greatly appreciate the help
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Also the absorbperecntall message if it will be different to apply than the 'boost' and 'reflect'
Other wise I can just copy the same pattern
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