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Discord will change usernames, beware of scammers!


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Dec 19, 2009
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Few days ago Discord announced that they will force every user to change their username in upcoming weeks/months (it will be rolled out in rounds, starting from the oldest users).
In general, they will remove "discriminator" so #1234 number that you had in your username. More info available here: Evolving Usernames on Discord (https://discord.com/blog/usernames)

But what's most improtant, I think it is worth to warn everyone that some users may change their usernames on purpose, because they were known for scams etc. So you need to pay more attention for any suspicious offers.
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I enjoyed Discord in its early days, now it has become more of a problem in my eyes. I prefer IRC/forums lol. Though Discord is a good platform when you look away from its flaws, can't deny that. I would probably not go back to Teamspeak, for example, between the two. Idk might be the only one here with that opinion.

I don't see why they need to force users to change name, when there is already flooding with scams? Basically pouring gasoline into an already burning fire..