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Don't play Outcast Server (7.6), its completely waste of time in Long Term Playing


Jul 30, 2017
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Im guy who played there few years and all i can say this server is waste of time and completely no future.
There are a lot players that gave a lot energy and time to this server and they quit after few months hardcore playing, another people come play and leave the server.
I want to warn everyone who trying to make here long term playing because it's waste of time.
This server was good few years ago maybe and one of best but its dead even if someone is playing there.
This server were and is one big lie.

1. GM tries to make everything to advert this ots as much as possible in fake ways, in otservs list he is faking online people of server. Everytime you see there are 200 people playing but its mainly God Qut chars to make server higher in Otland and they stay afk 24/7 in training monks, there are max 10 people playing everyday and like 30 in exp raids that are on sunday and 1 hours after exp raids they quit.
2. GM doesnt cares about players who played here much time, we were working hard on our levels so much time. For Example gaining 400 level one year ago was hard hard work. There was no EXP Raids (you gain levels for free on sundays), there were no waves (like monsters you can kill that have big exp) and what we gained few months ago is now worth nothing, why? Because You can gain 500 level in 2 days, its like you waste half year for hardcore hunting and now people gain everything so easy.
3. GM favorises players, server is typical pay to win server without balanced anything. If You payed to server you can get GM, levels etc etc.
4. People are abusing bugs and he cant repair them for so many time. For example i died by bug on redskull few times and after half year i didnt get all my eq back.
5. There are no free houses, if you want house you need pay a lot euros, its business, we tried to he repair something and all houses are taken by players that quit long time ago.
6. Server is full of hateness, a lot players insult each other so hard and there are no rules about it so you basically cannot get ban. He never banned anyone even people who were breaking rules like cavebotting etc etc.
7. We were trying to speak with owner so many many times how to improve it and it was pointless, he always lies lies and lies.
8. When You need help there are no even anyone who can help You, God Qut is 24/7 afk when you need something.
9. There are no rules, even if they are on website they werent working equal for everyone. They werent even working, if you are his friend and you pay donates all is good if not... You know.
10. Future? There is no future, trust me as old player.

Technically you can play there but we know this dude for so long time and after few months you will say i wasted it and go another ot.
Thats all i wanted say, glhf.

When i started here it was nice server with similiar to EVO Map where you can gain levels just by killing monsters (hard work), Joel was friendly guy when we had bug or something we reported to him he give all what we lost by bug, repaired it. There was a lot cool GMs. There was good community even if there was hate between each other (typical in games and you can never delete it) we liked always each other, there was healthy competition, a lot skilled PVP players that were putting value to this server by their characters etc. I gained 400 level and i was in top 3 and it was really hard work, a lot spent time. But it was all skill, time and work.
Now this server is related to completely newbies. Qut everytime make streams about old Tibia that he wanted to do but he destroy everything day by day. I was waiting 1 year to something change and he was too lazy because we didn't give him "donates" and attention.

I will give few points why i think Outcast is dead and not worth playing anymore but the biggest one is that Joel is fake and lies everyday. Thats biggest reason to not play here. If he says he do something he will not, if you message to him with any problem he will only respond this one which HE THINKS are problem but problem is he isn't always right as he think he is.

1. This is bullshit this server is oldest ots in internet, for example Armia Podparpacki OTS exist from at least 2006 year.
Also this is bullshit there is 200 players online. Joel (owner) make this to boost his server in websites with ots servers in rank. This server in exp raid have like 40 ACTIVE people online, no exp raid days its like 10-15 ACTIVE people max. 2 hours after exp raid everything back to normal and you play with 10 guys max. Of course there were a lot days that there was no players.
2. When You criticise something that doesn't work Joel never never never carry about it, he can't accept that he is not right because he must be always RIGHT, and even if something don't work he say I DO IT FOR HOBBY. So what's the point? You want people play here but when they complain about something you dont care about them? He didn't avoided a lot of dramas and shit because his character.
3. Few days ago Joel was spamming to me like 30 messages to delete posts what i wrote about Outcast and today me and few guys were muted because he can't accept his defeat. He banned us from every forum just because what? Because we were saying truth he destroyed this server and we fight for make it back what it was when we started here?
4. 0 Deathloss in random moments unexpected (gm promised us few months ago he will put deathloss less time). It's like you wanna kill someone in redskull but he will not loose anything, whats point of playing there? Killing pixel monsters 24/7 or having fun?
5. Exp raids, waves and other shit. People now rarely even hunt, you can notice people are comming only to exp raids in sundays and after 1 hour server is almost empty. Gaining 500 level that i was working a lot time before now is like eating popcorn. Everything is now easy but when we gained our levels and anything it was hard as hell.
6. Crazy GMs that were making shit without reason. There were a lot crazy GMs because Joel was always picking up for GMs people that never carried really about this server. A lot of them quit. He see GMs as friends but players as drumstick and cannon fodder .
7. Completely no PVP that Outcast was always well known about, when you try to kill someone he mwall himself and kill himself in energy bomb and loose nothing, you get it? Even when he die by player he lose like 30% of level on 500 level when i was starting here it was like 5 levels so it was reasonable to kill someone.
8 Favorising players by GMs. Joel (owner) was always "AFK" when oldschool players wanted something but when new players who donated alot cash were favorised about everything. There was a lot shit like top levels was cavebotting their levels but when we didn't made drama he never carried about it. He was lying a lot times about breaking rules by players, very unfair.
9. Conflicted rules. There was always no macro rule, a lot players were making their magic level and other shit just by hands, then some guy came and macroed his magic level to 15 as knight. You can believe he was running a lot time and using SDs as knight same like mages? It was huge advantage to him. Now we have another 15 magic level called Skillz. It's like you buy cash from SHOP or items and sell them with CC and you buy a lot runes, put your char on monks and macro macro macro macro. Even if there are rules you can break them when you want, reaction depends on how much you donated to server or how "friend" you are with Joel.
10. Zero respect to players who don't agree with Joel vision. This is huge topic i dont have that much to describe all situations but one day i will sure do it.
11. There is no even RPG he fights for, people aren't doing quests without GMs help at 0 loss and teleports back. He made a lot super uber hardcore quests you are not able to do with team and GMs help. That's joke how he kill skills of players.

This is all what i can say by now because i don't have that much time but biggest problem is there you Joel, you are one fake guy who thinks he can spit on people that were helping you day by day. Maybe we made some dramas but fights between players was always part of this game. There is one thing like i criticise what you do as owner and GM not bullshit and you can't stand that. I don't mean programming shit but we were building this community long long time and you can't fake and say lies about this. You know shit about this. You see what you want to see. All You get without us were 12 years old retarted players. This is future of Outcast now? People who don't even speak english and can't hit SD other player without hotkey? Lmao. You were liar to us and we will tell all truth how you manage this server. No bullshit stories, no who insulted who, the truth HOW it works as server and OTS. You should respect your players and you will learn it one day. You think i am problem because i say true, but you dont know how many high level players and old players despse on you how you destroyed server with good future and hope. And i don't talk about Kosovo now, you just open your eyes when you are "AFK". You are one big liar.

@edit: after this post i get banned and deleted all my chars and hard work past few years. This is how Joel respects constructive criticism and how he respect players that built REAL community not people who go there for levels on exp raids.
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I recorded video:

Hey guys, me and few people get deleted accounts without warnings and all their items after 3 years for criticising that he is killing server, dont play here
Its 90% bots because there is "250" players online xD but truth is that everyday there is playing max 10 people (exp raids ~30-40 but for 1 hour)
Just turn back around, you want nothing to do with this.