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[France] [7.4] Odenia Online - Launch March 31st 18.00 (CEST) - 100% Free to play. 0% Pay to win.

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Aug 11, 2007
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MARCH 31st - 6 PM (CEST) / 18.00

Welcome to Odenia Online, a reverse-engineered open tibia server that aims to achieve the long-lost feeling of a community that was lost somewhere along the path of Tibia. With us, what you see is what you get. We will be fully transparent in our development process, failures and communication.

Odenia Online attempts to allow for a diverse style of play. As we believe that our Client & Engine already provides everything needed for the ultimate PVP experience. Therefore, our focus lies in improving other parts of the game with a focus on Exploration, Social playstyles & the Community. Simply returning the game to the path Cipsoft left many years ago - while continuing to develop the game in a 7.4 fashion.

Our team has decades of combined experience in hosting, building, and managing successful servers. Along with our background outside of Open Tibia, we all come from different industries - such as working with game publishers, quality assurance testing, and AI.

We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges that come with hosting games and know how to optimize server performance to ensure smooth and enjoyable gameplay.

We are proud to say, Odenia will be completely free to play without any donation system in place whatsoever.
In the future, if we expect server costs to go up, we may implement a very low-cost premium account fee. This would only apply to our future low-rate server.

Now let's get into the fun stuff! For this first iteration of Odenia, we'll be going with medium rates to make sure there are no bugs/exploits before the launch of the low rate.

Server Rates:

Level 1 to level 10: 20x
Level 11 to level 20: 15x
level 21 to level 40: 8x
level 41 to level 60: 6x
level 61 to level 80: 3x
level 81 to level 120: 2x
level 120+:

(Note that below rates are reflected from CipSofts actual 7.4 rates, and not the made-up rates we usually see today)

Skills: 6x
Magic level: 4x
Regeneration: 1x

Discord Server
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Seems good! No bugs found on the test server after extensive testing.
I played the test server for over 30 hours, explored most of the map and mechanics i know. And i cant stress this enough….

It’s SMOOTH. No lags, no bugs and nothing i found not to work as it did in 7,4. absolutley a fantastic server. Took me right back to the real 7,4 days.

I’m hyped you should be too, this might aswell be the next big server. It sure has the potential!
Hype! I am specifically interested in the low-rate but after playing the test server i will give this version a try aswell
Went into the server thinking it was live, but it was beta/test phase. It looked nice and smooth tho, go for a nice launch!

Which country is the server host located in ? @Bam
real map or custom? asking cuz aint see any info about that
POGCHAMP, maybe finally good server 7.4, i will try
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Timezone is CEST 18.00 / 6 PM - can't edit post, will ask moderator
Hey, I just tried out the test server and I've gotta say, I'm really impressed with what you guys have done so far! It feels like I'm back in the good old days of Tibia 7.4, with all the classic mechanics and maps. Super nostalgic and fun! It feels spot on.

One thing that really stands out to me is the unique additions you've made, like the "tranquility zones" that give a small boost to mana recovery in community areas like outside depots. It's such a cool idea to encourage more player interaction and build a stronger community. And I love the little touch of mystery to items such as the possible added luck to the wolf tooth chain – it brings back those old Tibia rumors and makes the game even more interesting! One more I would recommend is potential of sandals making you walk faster on sand :)

I also appreciate that you guys are making this server completely free-to-play and not pay-to-win. It's refreshing to see a team that actually cares about the players and not just trying to make a quick buck. Props to you for taking on the server costs yourselves! I wouldn't mind contributing to premium even on the high-rate but the fact that you are making it free-to-play shows your intentions.

The high-rate test phase is a smart move too. It's a great way to find and fix any issues before the real deal launches. It shows you're serious about making this server the best it can be. We've certainly seen some... let's say not so smooth launches in the past...

I'm really looking forward to the full release and can't wait to see how this server grows. Keep up the awesome work and keep listening to the players! We appreciate everything you're doing for the community.
Considering it is high rate server that all of us were waiting for since WW II, I will join for sure!
Medium rate/ free pacc/ discord/ real map 7.4 - recipe how to buy demagogue ots community players in nowadays in era of tibiantis.
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Tried the test server and it was really clean and smooth client. No bs running and shooting runes, no built-in aim assist, overall a really nice experience from the testserv so im rly hyped for the release! Even tho its mid rate it will be 2x after 80 and 1x after 120 so it's not that bad tbh.

Let's go broskis! Cya on Friday!
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