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[France][Custom] Only Fortress Online - Tibia Inspired Strategy RPG - The new Tibia like Genre!

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Devlog from open beta:
  • Fixed issue that battle commander do not teleport you to raid when speaking with him outside of fortress home range area.
  • Fixed issue that below level 10 you cannot teleport to other player fortress because then you are too low level to come back home.
  • Fixed issue that placing fisher farmer to the bottom-right corner of fortress gets stuck.
  • Also, found out windows client bug that clicking chat button + esc (keyboard button) disables mouse clicking. So for now don't click esc button but if did make client restart. (Will fix this bug ASAP)
Implemented move building functionality. Now if you want to place your military or resource building to other position you are allowed to do it without any cost. Also, fixed issue that pressing esc bugs the whole client. The redownload client is mandatory through the website.
Implemented editing the ground tiles of buildings. Now it is possible to make thousands of variations to keep your fortress in your style! It wasn't possible to edit the grounds only the building walls until now. However it is impossible to edit specific building grounds. For example, growing wheat on a wood tile ground doesn't make any sense. So for this reason in majority of resource buildings it is impossible to edit the tiles- however civilian buildings and other buildings are available to be customized.
Over 38 unique players have tried the Only Fortress open beta! It is absolutely amazing and I am very thankful for your curiosity to check out the game in its early stage. I would also like to encourage every humble Tibia player to check it out on Android device. The download link is available through google play: Only Fortress - Apps on Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onlyfortress)
The game is more than ready for its production launch- so don't hesitate to check it out when it is still on early access! P.s. I am working on scheduled raids for guilds and solo players! Meet the Draconis Prime- the very first raid boss which will be presented in the game!
Latest update REQUIRES REDOWNLOAD CLIENT! Implemented auto-attack unfriendly troops/creatures. Now you don't have to hassle selecting the target this will be done auto magically. Implemented new the fourth hero the Sir Shieldheart. He is a knight which protects their alies and his hero ability is to challenge the enemy troops to change target to him. That is making him the great blocker for bosses and other raids. Fixed issue that warlocks/infernalists were attacking friend alies with their AoE spells.

Sir Shieldheart - "Prepare for safety in my presence!"
The open beta week is finishing. However I made up with an important decision to extend the open beta until the official game launch date is near by. Currently the plan to launch game is September 2nd. However, I have still ongoing approvals from Steam and Google Play store. Because of that I cannot set very specific dates but nevertheless the launch will happen at the beginning of September.

Love and see you in-game!
DId you knew that the best play at only fortress is mobile play! Implemended lots of mobile experience friendly changes. Including more friendly targeting and spell casting!
Screenshot_20230822_110822_Only Fortress.jpg
Prepare for the new content! The raid bosses which can be completed by Battle Commander and Guild Master. The raid bosses has only a single level available and after completion you get a decent reward! The main custom thing about that is the raid bosses cannot be reset after completion for a fee of money. You have to wait for a specific amount of time to pass before you can start them again. Usually it will be daily raid bosses which you can complete daily and get generous reward!
The latest nice to have update! Now you may walk over your own summons or other players summons. When you are dealing with a huge army it is difficult to walk and you easy get trapped- not anymore!
Implementing fast diagonal walking. Another nice to have update which feels the best when playing in mobile with joystick.
Are you from the Netherlands?
Anyways, project looks really cool. I might give it a try in the winter.
If you’re looking for advertisement on YouTube I can perhaps help you out with a video to promote your work.
Implemented game tutorial which should guide newcomers pretty decently on how to play game and what to do on their next steps! Lots of minor changes made as well so players which were active on open beta please redownload client in order to play.
Implemented boss health progress bar. Now, since bosses name and health-bar under name are hidden there is a boss progress bar which gives special feeling of fighting boss monster.
Implementing Novice and Adept resource harvesting buildings. The novice resource harvester will give twice less resources than Adept resource harvester. The novice buildings will be cheap and ready to build once you created new character. While the Adept resource buildings will require decent amount of resources to build and will be considered as an end content buildings. This major change gives huge benefits as for example novice buildings are way smaller so it is easier for newcomers to build because it fits good to screen. It brings great balance between newcomer and casual player. After you play a while you can set a new end content goal to collect resources to build Adept level buildings so you can have even more resources in long run.
From now on the building grid is even more user friendly. The red squares means that the building cannot be built because other objects are blocking the tile. None of the grid squares has to be red in order to place the building successfully.
I am glad to finally announce this! The open beta closes today. The server launch date is set to September 25th 17:00 CET! See you in less than a week!
Implementing in-game highscores. You can see the top players in the game in level and every other skill including taxation, apple farming, cereal farming, fish farming, iron farming, stone farming, meat farming and wood cutting!