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GameFate - "just another" teleport OT

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Jul 18, 2009
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GameFate - Your depression almost cured~
Short story of GameFate.
GameFate was a 8.6 evolution server, with pretty much copy paste content released and online back in 2010-2012.
GameFate as it aged turned out more customized when i slowly began to understand coding more and more, as the years passed and with more programming knowledge I started to convert the old 8.6 copy&paste project into the new 10.98 client during 2020. I also added much more scripts and tested myself forward with a bit more daring attitude, the server now grew a lot and during the peak it had about 200 active players. However during its online period I found out major issues with old code and many parts was hard-coded, which isn't really a issue performance wise but it was extremely difficult to find my way around when a bug occurred. During the start of 2021 I decided to end with the last season 3 of GameFate v1 which ran about 8 months where i tried a more structural way of thinking when adding new content, I started to replace old code and pushed the newest TFS 1.3(back then) onto the project which lead to more issues. After these 8 months or should i say during, I started, from scratch, to develop what is now GameFate v2, the "only" thing that's used by Otland is (except from ideas)then the engine TFS 1.4 and myAAC which both has gone through a lot of different tests, versions & changes til recently pretty much. I am not here to brag of how much that is unique nor that my open tibia -server in anyway would perform any better, but it's arranged to fit my needs better of this custom server I have created.

The goal behind GameFate
My personal goals of GameFate are:
1. Have an up and running server that will last years without any resets.
2. Make GameFate succeed with such an income (having a minimalistic approach on the gameplay.) that it can sustain itself or even make me able to purchase jobs external for GameFate.
3. Create an enjoyable atmosphere where players gain by helping others out and ability to make new friends.
4. Keep creating new and unseen content which the playerbase can advice on and get their ideas put into reality.

Whats GameFate looking like?
To summarize GameFate, its client is based of 10.98 with a lot of imports of the newest vanilla tibia client and lots of custom sprites. GameFate is like major tibia servers based of its ability to grind different categorys. However our approach towards grinding is in many ways replaced or totaly changed.
Mindless botting is allowed, possible and needed but with only that in mind your character will not make it rather far.
GameFate is the Otserver of choice when it comes to looking for other ways to level up rather than killing a monster and there is many things than comes into play.
Puzzles = Placed all around the corners of GameFate, from the most lawl to the dopest types hanging right around the corner.
Talent points = A way of boosting your character and gained by exploring the map, finding and solving "mysteriandos".
Dungeons = Major part to get GameFates own tokens and rare charm parts. Also invites you on a big experience gain.
A unique story = Already from start you get into GameFates story, which is somewhat based on real feelings and stories.
Attribute orbs = Lootable from monsters where higher level monster and bosses, the better the attribute orbs.
Memes = Unlock ingame memes and use them to :kek:-check people or unlock new "mysteriandos".
Rune-crafting = Ability to craft your own rune/spell, with your choice of effects, damagetype & properties.
Loyality & Reputation -points = Gain loyality points by simply being online or reputation points by being nice or helping others. Included into this is our own founded idea where with enough points you are able to directly claim your character as tutor.
Interacting NPCs = This is something that in my own opinion is a lost opportunity when it comes to Tibia and many server around. In GameFate you can interact with NPCs in other ways than just saying hi, trade, yes. Can you find out the secret formula to help our potion seller? Could you solve our Crafters riddle? Would you mind to challenge our enslaved fairy to a battle of death? The list goes on..

Vocations has kept its original names: sorcerer, druid, paladin & knight. All vocations has its own part of "spice". Except for the changes made below all vocations has been cleared of lots of the vanilla spells and replaced with new spells.
Knights weapons: club, sword & axe are divided into following:
Axe invites you on a faster attack speed and higher damage but barely any def.
Club regens up your health, adds huge def stats and are mainly a defensive weapon.
Sword acts as something in between or more normalized towards the old system.
Paladins weapons: crossbow & bow are divided as:
Crossbow: Gives your character faster attack speed & atk but lowers your potion-healing.
Bow: Kept as vanilla tibia pretty much.
Mages weapons has kept its glory except their formula is based of the 'attack' and your 'wand level'


So whats to discuss?
Well I wouldn't create this in the discussion board if there wasn't nothing to discuss. The idea is to have this post setup so people who tried the Alpha can give input and discuss with old and new members here and get GameFate in the direction the community wants. And same goes within when the release occurs, the parts to discuss should be discussed in this board rather than in the advertisement post that occurs later on.

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