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[Global] ༻The Deivos Shards Discussion Thread༺



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Dec 24, 2020
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~A small update on our "Test Game"~

The Cataract.png

"Nelja'Eva has fallen, the crown sodden with dark magic. There is no hope as the land does cry, for mother's mana has run dry.

Be it as a human warrior, a dwarf knight, or an elven thief―the mission is to escape to a new land sighted on the horizon, but the Cataract cast a shadowy dome above the sky which has blotted out the sun and prevents anyone or anything from leaving. The Shade shrinks every day...infecting whatever it touches with wicked corruption.

The King and Queen already have the darkness whispering in their ears and the Guard has been tainted, striking anyone down who opposes the Empire's harsh rule. You work to produce for the Kingdom, or you are disposed of and fed to the Shade.

As a working Citizen or rebellious Gutter Rat going about the final days of Nelja'Eva, it is your purpose to find the Dark Heart that fuels the evil entity swallowing the world. To break the storm and allow the ships to sail may be the last thing death will allow you to do, for defeating the Cataract is inconceivable.

Will you quarrel with death or let the light slip into darkness?"


~TLDR: Players will get to choose between one of 3:
a human with aggressive close combat-focused abilities/skill trees; a dwarf with defensive tank-focused abilities/skill trees; an elf with evasive speed & ranged focused abilities/skill trees.
All trees and options will be limited in comparison to main game. This is purely for testing reasons and also to serve as a gaming experiment which will impact the start of Azakelis and its 1st Year-end Live Event, being that Origin is a Prequel to the TDS series.