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Help in opening Ot Server 10.98


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Aug 2, 2021
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I have decided to keep editing my map from 8.6 and i passed it to 10.98 everything worked fine.
I have it locally online via Xaamp etc. and just trying it out locally myself. Is a Real tibia 10.98 Map with A whole custom map integrated into it.
but it was a TFS 0.4 which is hardcoded in XML. someone said to go to OTservGlobalbr and download a TFS 1.3 which is better because is in LUA so I did.

Downloaded It & I have it with everything (clients, Item editor, object editor, RME 3+). I tried to put it online locally but it did not let me. I went through a tutorial. I needed Windows visual 2019 GIT bash etc. to complete tutorial
I Did everything it told me and at the end. only one thing gave me a problem it was the Database. I went and deleted everything and uninstalled.
Went Back to my old TFS 0.4 server with Xaamp just to keep editing map etc. and continue to Test it. since I could not open the OTservglobalBR one.

*Computer Specs are not my case I got a big computer.
*In terms of Ethernet And upload download I am fully oriented

My question is:
- What will and how affect my computer in terms of security, if I decide to host the Server 10.98 (Most Preferably)

- how hard will it be to open and host to a community of a least 50 people ( Meaning Security Measures)

- Editing the Map being the easiest thing to work on in owning a server, what will be the most important thing in working on an ot (I don't Mean in hosting part, I mean the creation process and etc. of the Server itself) scripts? and coding?

- If I build a brand new computer should I have more benefits in security, that being it was only Built for a tibia Server ( should DDoS be my only concern in this case?)

I wish to open a Server 10.98. I have learned, read & seen too many videos and I still feel lost in some topics. even though I have learned a lot and done everything myself without having to post anything.
But I need more information & Help. I really need someone to give me a Little more Knowledge and more help. so I can continue to work on my server.

but sometimes in OTland there is lost information, or is too old, or it really just doesn't help. even though the person did try to help. (which appreciate either way).

Thanks in Advance to anyone who is willing to help me.

Yours truly,