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In need of some assistance.


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Oct 25, 2023
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So I’m wanting to make a server of course. I want to start a 100% custom server and idk how to do much and was wondering where I should start. Like should I make the map first and go off of that? I’m thinking that’s the key, I need a world before anything else will come.

I know I could dive into otland forums for answers but asking seasoned gamers is the better option I feel lol thanks guys.
Currently working on a massive Middle-Earth project, I do suggest creating your map first before implementing any systems you want to have.
Make sure, if you are working alone or in a small team on the project, to maybe change a bit what you do day-by-day, for now I am mapping one day, creating systems the next day and so on.. this keeps me motivated and not let demotivation sink in.

There will be walls you walk against, problems and the community is very helpful in assisting you with anything you might need.
If you truly want to make something custom then I suggest perhaps getting a small team or just one other person to work on the project so you can divide tasks.

Fully custom server, if you are ambitious, can take months/years.

What is also important is that you think of what you want to create already so you can do your research.

You know how to compile TFS etc?
First, if you’re willing to create a 100% custom server, I suggest you draft a GDD (Game Designing Document), containing all the information about mechanics, gear, leveling, enemies, the theme itself, etc.

This will save you a lot of time, believe me, as it will provide you guidance throughout the process, and help you keep coherence to your project.

After that, I’d start with the map, indeed. But map just enough to test some of your work (scripts, spells, etc). Then, work on your sprites. It’s very important that you finish you spr/dat changes before starting to design your full map, since different sprites may significantly impact your mapping.

Then you can alternate between mapping/scripting and coding, so you don’t get bored :)

Keep in mind you’ll also need to develop a website and change the client ui (after all it’s a 100% custom project you’re talking about).

I’m working on a highly customized server for a year now. Be prepared to invest lots of your free time if you’re commited to make something serious. Consider recruiting serious people to help you, or contract services from experienced artists/devs.

Good luck and have fun!
Great advice guys and ty for the reply! I’m not like super serious with it, I’m just a busy dad looking for a hobby lol who knows maybe it’ll turn into something if I make it such. I have zero knowledge of scripting, mapping, GDD, etc. so I’m a fresh slate. If I have any questions it’s good to know I can definitely ask here.
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Maybe I should join a team as an assistant per say just learn the ropes and be back up lol
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