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Introduction to OTClient.

The mounts gifs or however it works doesn't display while using this client, possible to fix this and how would it be?
What is it? Okay, so OTClient is an open source alternative to the tibia client. OTClient works with a modular system, this means that each functionality is a separated module, giving the possibility to users modify and customize anything easily. Users can also create new mods and extend game interface for their own purposes. OTClient is written in C++2011, the upcoming C++ standard and heavily scripted in lua.

Why use it? It is extremely flexible in terms of usage and development. It comprises of an LUA scripting scheme for all game interface functionality and configurations files with a syntax similar to CSS for the client interface design. In other words, everything is scripted via lua rather than a combination. Thus making it an extremely flexible client. i.e. pretty much anything can be created for this client.

Features: Beyond of it’s flexibility with scripts, otclient comes with tons of other features that make possible the creation of new client side stuff in otserv that was not possible before. These include, sound system, graphics effects with shaders, particle engines, modules/addons system, animated textures, style-able user interface, transparency, multi language, in game lua terminal, an OpenGL 1.1/2.0 ES engine that make possible to run on mobile platforms like Android/iPhone/iPad and much more. OTClient is also flexible enough to create tibia tools like map editors just using scripts, because it wasn’t designed to be just a client, instead otclient was designed to be a combination of a framework and tibia APIs.

Now it is still heavily in it's early stages yet still functions great with clients up to 9.73(9.81) (afaik). It is possible to compile with higher protocols just through a few minor changes within the sources. My intention of this thread is to boost popularity (thus decreasing the limited use of Cipsoft's client and copyright issues to some extent I guess) as well as increase public contributions to the client on a whole. I see this as a milestone within the open tibia development community and i would like for you all to support edubart and give something back to the community that allows you to create and enjoy the very servers you imprint your names on. OTClient Repository | Home
we seriously need some docs on this...