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Looking for a 7.4 OTserv specialist for consultancy calls [Remunerated job]


Oct 11, 2012
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Hi there, everyone.

I'm looking for someone experienced with 7.4 OTserv in general, more precisely a C++ developer with knowledge on overall OTserv subjects.

The goal is to have one or more (paid) Skype/Zoom calls (speaking in English or Portuguese) in which I want to ask for consultancy about 7.4 OTserv. I have some questions I want to ask and I want guidance for which direction I should take on my plan to build a custom map, long-term, 7.4 RPG server.

I have built some servers in the past and have a ton of experience with software development, but very little with C++.

I'm trying to make sense out of the various 7.4 distributions but I'm having a hard time to pick a base distribution, map editor, client, etc. So I want some guidance.

I'm offering 70 USD per hour (over online audio call).

Please, let me know here if you have interest.

MODS: I've read the rules and I believe I'm doing everything right. Let me know otherwise.