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making a first server.

nft geek

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Aug 14, 2021
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Hello, i am a complete noob to OT, i only played tibia in the old days.
Me and a small community of gamers were talking about how we would like to play in replica of an old version of tibia.
i would like to know what would someone need to create a good replica of old tibia.
So with your help i would like to make a very elaborate list of steps that needs to happen to host a server.
for this list we will set our goal, of an authentic as possible tibia server of 7.6
We will start the list with download the client (you recommend one) and end with the server is now ready for players to play on.

as you give tips and steps i will compile them into a list to get to the end product, i am looking forward to see what it takes to make a server.

are there any known services that provide anything i would need? like someone to set it as well as have it hosted and maintain it?
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