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OTClient Mehah OTC light performance?


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May 31, 2020
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OpenTibia .dev
I'd be infinitely grateful if someone that uses Mehah's OTC could check if there's any fps drops with a lot of lighting underground and report the results back here with a screenshot or GIF.
Two conditions for the test is:
  • It must be underground, because Mehah's OTC does not render lights when outside in daylight.
  • Moving around a bit, because he claims in one of the commits that the performance was improved when standing still.

Here's a short list why I prefer not to compile it myself:
  • I don't really trust it, like I dunno if it has other systems to log data usage than edubart etc.
  • I run a 7.7 server with originial cip protocol only, none of the OTC protocols support original 7.7 protocol, so I'd have to fix Mehah's protocol, full setup, full compile, then gamble on being able to login and teleport anywhere because Mehah's client used to be broken for 7.x.
  • I have no interest in using the client afterwards, I just want to know if the alleged improvements in the light rendering system is real.

I'm also happy to return the favor by helping you out with something afterwards. Cheers.