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MyAAC doesn't keep loging


Oct 20, 2010
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Guys can someone give me a help?
I have a site on xampp with a domain redirecting to it, the site is http://ninjanto.com.br
What's going on: When you log in to your account, and try to switch pages, automatically you are logged out of the site, then if you log back in to your account, there's this endless loop:
"login" -> "change page" <automatically logs out>
But what's complicating is that if you enter without using the domain, that is, the "default" site: it works perfectly, only the domain doesn't work...

I also noticed something, when you enter through the domain, no matter which page you go to, ONLY ninjanto.com.br will always appear, an example is if you click on "download", through the domain it will always remain ninjanto.com.br, however by the "default ip" appears the /?Downloads at the end of the ip..

To stop the brain EVEN MORE if you access ninjanto.com.br/?downloads it works by going to the downloads page, however if you leave the download page and go to any other link, the link that keeps appearing in the browser continues ninjanto.com.br/?downloads REGARDLESS of the page you are on...
My head is already hurting trying to hunt down this problem, it could be something very simple but I really have no idea what it could be... Any kind soul to help me?

@Gesior.pl @slaw anyone? :(