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  1. DukeeH

    AAC [MyAAC] - 3 Problems with Storages and Guilds.

    I'm trying to show rebirths on highscores box and characters page on MyAAC (Last version). {% set rows = rows + 1 %} <tr bgcolor="{{ getStyle(rows) }}"> <td>Resets:</td> <td>{{ player.getStorage(14310) }}</td> </tr> On characters page i've tried this, but no success. Always blank. I found this...
  2. D

    Website Feedback

    https://Sanctuary-OnlineOTS.com/ What do you guys think of my website layout? Can I improve on anything? The original layout was created by Aurelion, I have been modifying it over the past week and have achieved compatibility with iOS, added slideshow support with videos, and improved the...
  3. danio4don

    MyAAC translate theme

    Hello. I wanted to translate pages in myaac but when translating them in html/system/templates np account.login.html.twig it is translated in the files and it is still in English on the website. no matter what files I translate, everything is in English on the website. for example, I...
  4. Simonalina

    AAC where to find Layout on shop? myaac..

    So.. im looking for where i can change the layout in the shop menu? MYAAC Now i have like: Items - Addons - Mounts - premium accounts - containers - others. BUT i wan't to edit that.. so i can have more colums under in more categories... does anyone know where? This is how it looks like...
  5. D

    AAC Myaac top guilds/kages

    Hello, I can't speak English, so I will be using the google translator, I am using Myaac, and I would like the Kage system, it is basically a "top level" place, I would like to take it away from his place, and put it below the "top guilds "in Latest News. TY Here's how it looks at the moment...
  6. P


    So i have a problem on my phpmyadmin and website (MYAAC) I can't create an account and character! SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '' for key 'number' But if I change the 'number' to 'id' I can create an account and character and after that i was trying...
  7. Totten

    Webdesigner FreeLancer WebSite

    Hello, for those who don't know me my name is Waliston, better known as Endless, student of Systems Analysis and Development, and developer of Falcon Games. I have been working in the OtServer Branch since 2017, but since 2019 I have been specializing in Web Development and Web Security. For...
  8. K

    [MyAAC] Change Letters to Numbers Creation Account number

    Hello, I am using the MyAAC version for my web server. I would like to know how I can place that when creating the account number it can only be with numbers, because it is currently accepting numbers and letters. Thanks and regards.
  9. luhfe

    AAC Out of range value for column.

    Hi, good night. That problem occurs affter create account, and when anybody try enter on "Create characters" page. Error on create acc. if someone can help, i apprec. Using Uniform Server MyAAC version : otbr/myaac (https://github.com/otbr/myaac) On Try acc page of Chars on site (God...
  10. Totten

    [MyAAC][Plugin] List Of Items

    Hello people, today I came to make available to you a Plugin for MyAAC that I developed where the function is to list all items on your server by category. A little about him: Well, the Plugin was developed so that both lay people and people more familiar with PHP can use it. The Plugin is easy...
  11. G

    AAC MyAAC gesior shop error

    Hello can anyone help me with this issue
  12. M

    MyAAC Loot image

    Hello guys. I am having some problems with my otserv website. On the creatures page, loots were supposed to appear with their respective percentages of drop. However, only a few images appear. I have a myaac website hosted on my computer and the images appear normally. For some reason, the site...
  13. M

    [MyAAC] TibiaClient Template

    This is TibiaClient template for MyAAC. Have fun with it! NOTE: MyAAC version 0.7.0 is required for this to work. Demo: http://demo.my-aac.org/?template=TibiaClient Installation: Go to Admin Panel, select 'Plugins', and then select myaac-TibiaClient-template.zip and click upload. That's all...
  14. Totten

    AAC Automatic PicPay for MyAAC

    Hello, recently a developer developed an automatic payment system using Picpay for Gesior. Link to publication: Implementação PicPay-Didático (https://tibiaking.com/forums/topic/100318-implementa%C3%A7%C3%A3o-picpay-did%C3%A1tico/) However, I was wondering if it would be possible to adapt...
  15. B

    MyAcc problems witch new pages

    Hello. I have a problem adding a new page that would include php. I am trying to make an "Auction system", after creating the page it crashes into it Here is the code that I am trying to use <!--?php require_once 'engine/init.php'; include 'layout/overall/header.php'; $cache = new...
  16. lukatxd

    Solved [MyAAC] Ports open but shows Forbidden access.

    I'm using windows 10. I can't open my port 80, because it keeps being filtered for some reason (it is open in router and windows firewall). So i'm using the 8080. Here are my forwarded/triggering ports in my router: The site is is indeed working for port 8080. However when trying to...
  17. Deaktiver

    AAC [MYAAC] Forum: How to close threads?

    Hello guys, as asked above I would like to know how to close a thread at the myaac integrated forum? I found delete & move thread options though. best regards D
  18. ralke

    [MyAAC] Greed OT Layout

    Hi, theese days i've learned too much. I have to thank in some way. Here you are, my edited Tibiacom layout, the main things I did are: Editions in .css to fit the logo and other website elements Photoshop editing of buttons, background, and logo Two options of backgrounds, concept haven't...
  19. Totten

    Add Widget Count Event

    Hello, I am using the MyAAC platform developed by slawkens and I would like to know if it is possible to add an event counter on my website, thus always showing the next server event. (The events have the times configured in my globalevents.xml), but if it is not possible to make the site...
  20. manolete66

    AAC Server Rules in MyAAC

    Hellow everyone, recently i started the project of make a web for my own otx-server (tfs 1.3). Im trying to edit the web server rules using MyAAC v0.8.1 but i cant do it. I tried to modified directly the file "rules.html.twig" but nothing worked. Then i tried passed argument for context and...