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  1. A

    Blocking login Account Manager in MY-AAC 0.8.16

    Blocking Access to Manager Account via MY AAC 0.8.16 Website In this tutorial, you will learn how to block access to your manager account through the MY AAC website, providing an additional layer of security for your information and data. This process is essential to protect your confidential...
  2. falkyon

    AAC MyAAC v0.8.16 - cannot access admin page after installing gesior plugin

    Hello everyone, I'm having problems when installing the 'myaac-gesior-shop-system-v5.0-beta' plugin. In the older version of MyAAc worked just fine. I installed yesterday the lastest version and when I tried to install the plugin, it looked like everything was ok, but now I cannot access the...
  3. O

    Solved Problem after ssl Myaac

    hey, after installed ssl certificate for uniformserver/myaac. i can´t visit my custom highscore page . If i click on Event Points i see the 'home' page. Before works all fine.
  4. marcelomnzs

    [MYAAC] Polls more than one by time.

    I'm using myaac and would to make some polls at same time, but I can't found where I can edit the option that only do one by time.
  5. S

    AAC Myaac error, Server Offline.

    Server status in myaac show offline but when i change this from OTS_inforespond.php return (int) $this->documentElement->getElementsByTagName('players')->item(0)->getAttribute('online'); to this return (int) 0; is working but. i use tfs 0.4 maybe not send correctly buffers?
  6. O

    I can't search for a character in myaac

    Hello, how are you? I was using this cms for a long time and everything was ok. But now I have a problem when I want to search for a user in the character search engine comes out this error. thanks sorry bad english
  7. slaw

    [MyAAC][Plugin][Template] AtomIO template

    Hello! This is fresh AtomIO template converted for MyAAC. Have fun with it! Original Author: @Snavy NOTE: MyAAC version 0.8.6 or higher is required for this to work. Download: https://my-aac.org/plugins/myaac-atomio-template-v1.0.zip Demo: http://demo.my-aac.org/?template=atomio Source...
  8. jonasu

    [MyAAC] Reborn Template - modern

    Hi everyone! I thought i should release my template that i created a few years back. It was merged into slawkens official github repository for myaac-plugins. It is created with bootstrap and I have tried to make it work good on mobile devices as well. I hope you find it suits your server well...
  9. M

    Buying Houses using ZNOTE AAC or MyAAC

    Hello everyone, So I was playing around with setting my own server to play Tibia solo and when I figure out modifications and lua based scripts I will probably try to set a 2 people server to play around with my brother. But before I do so I wanted to make sure that everything works. So...
  10. Sprrw

    AAC Php and database fetching

    Hola Otland! Im working on a website for my project and on my homepage I wanted to display a "latest news section" something like: Pic from : Wayfinder - Join the Closed Beta on PlayStation® and PC (https://www.playwayfinder.com/en) Well anyways so I came up with this code : <?php...
  11. Q

    Help with Shop delivery script - canary 2.6.1

    Hi guys, I have Canary 2.6.1 and myaac with Shop system by gesior. The payment system on the website works, u have points after purchase but the purchased items do not reach the client in store backpack Button. Im use: myaac-plugins/gesior-shop-system-latest at master ·...
  12. J

    MyAAC gifts edit button

    How can i edit the gifts from the admin panel ?
  13. J

    AAC Gesior shop system paypal payment success but page not found

    when i try to pay using paypal the order completes and i get the points but then paypal redirects me to this url instead of the base url <input type="hidden" name="notify_url" value="{{ constant('BASE_URL') }}payments/paypal.php"/> <input type="hidden" name="return" value="{{...
  14. Sprrw

    AAC MYAAC, database fetching

    Hola amigos! Recently I've been learning a lot of PHP and I've started creating my own templates! So I've recently also started creating my own kind of PHP scripts. And I was wondering how to keep myself safe. I mean does this line make sense? $news_db = $db->query('SELECT `title`, `body`...
  15. K

    MyAAC bug guilds invite

    I'm using the latest version of myaac (GitHub - otsoft/myaac: A free and open-source Automatic Account Creator (AAC) written in PHP (https://github.com/otsoft/myaac)) and when any player (including me) creates a guild, the "invite player" button only appears when the guild is created, if you...
  16. K

    MyAAC doesn't keep loging

    Guys can someone give me a help? I have a site on xampp with a domain redirecting to it, the site is http://ninjanto.com.br What's going on: When you log in to your account, and try to switch pages, automatically you are logged out of the site, then if you log back in to your account, there's...
  17. almirtibiaalmir

    Myaac add new categorys

    Hello, i would add new category example "support items" on myaac. I tryed to add on gift.php, admin-offers-add.html.twig and in database but on Admin Panel are the category but there is no possibility to add the item id and count. admin-offers-add.html.twig: gifts.php
  18. El Man

    AAC Storage Myaac

    I have problem in myaac character.php i add this code the storage not appear in website .. should relogin character to appear storage anyhelp.? 1667409012 Example .. i give player storage value ,100 and its should appear in website value = 100 still not appear before relogin. after...
  19. almirtibiaalmir

    myaac problem

    Hello, i have a website with myaac for 2 months and it works. Now from one day to the next I get an error when I try to reach the homepage. See image. I don't know why, I haven't changed anything. it suddenly came out of nowhere. does anyone know this problem? Thanks. 1667046199 Error log =...
  20. almirtibiaalmir

    Outfits dont displayed on MyAAC

    Hello, the outfits on MyAAC dont displayed i generateted own outfits and items, items worked but outfits not. im new last login was 2010 and cant solve it by myself and also not with the present posts here. I hope someone of you can help me here In my host are the folder "outfit" in there...