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  1. almirtibiaalmir

    Myaac add new categorys

    Hello, i would add new category example "support items" on myaac. I tryed to add on gift.php, admin-offers-add.html.twig and in database but on Admin Panel are the category but there is no possibility to add the item id and count. admin-offers-add.html.twig: gifts.php
  2. El Man

    AAC Storage Myaac

    I have problem in myaac character.php i add this code the storage not appear in website .. should relogin character to appear storage anyhelp.? 1667409012 Example .. i give player storage value ,100 and its should appear in website value = 100 still not appear before relogin. after...
  3. almirtibiaalmir

    myaac problem

    Hello, i have a website with myaac for 2 months and it works. Now from one day to the next I get an error when I try to reach the homepage. See image. I don't know why, I haven't changed anything. it suddenly came out of nowhere. does anyone know this problem? Thanks. 1667046199 Error log =...
  4. almirtibiaalmir

    Outfits dont displayed on MyAAC

    Hello, the outfits on MyAAC dont displayed i generateted own outfits and items, items worked but outfits not. im new last login was 2010 and cant solve it by myself and also not with the present posts here. I hope someone of you can help me here In my host are the folder "outfit" in there...
  5. almirtibiaalmir

    Outfits Homepage

    Hello, I have a question regarding the outfits on my homepage. im useing tfs 1.5, 8.6 nekiros downgrade. For the homepage, im useing myaac current version. I added custom outfits on the ot server, for example the outfit ID is 383. If a player has the outfit in the game, is on the homepage under...
  6. almirtibiaalmir

    AAC Homepage layout

    Hello everyone, im looking for someone who want to create an unique layout for my ot Server homepage. If you are interest msg me and we can talk about design and €.
  7. slaw

    [MyAAC][Plugin][Template] Old School layout

    Hello! This has been requested many times, so today I'm releasing long awaited MyAAC template - Old School! Converted from Znote. Original thread: [Znote AAC] old school layout (https://otland.net/threads/znote-aac-old-school-layout.248475/) Original author: @hemrenus321 NOTE: This will work...
  8. M

    myaac premdays

    i'm using myaac, and i cant create account with premdays.. if i got 'premdays = X' in config.php it got error, then i added the colum 'premium_ends_at' to fix it but the premdays go to colum 'premium_ends_at' instead 'premdays' :(
  9. M

    myaac help

    Hello everyone. I'm new to running ot.. I'm editing and tinkering with a project. I've been having problems with some edits on my site, for example, when I need to edit something and it's on a .twig page, the edit doesn't happen. I tried reinstalling (deleting config.local.php) and installing...
  10. El Man

    AAC MYAAC does not show equipment description

    When I leave the mouse on the equipment inventory its supposed to show me description Like this. anyhelp?
  11. ranita

    Email error in MYAAC

    Hi, I'm currently using MYAAC for website and when registering accounts I'm getting this error: When the mailer-error.log is opened I'm prompted with: "Could not instantiate mail function." Does anyone know how to fix it? Very much appreciated, thank you.
  12. massuco

    AAC .htaccess on AAC

    Hello everybody, I know there is alot of posts about .htaccess on Znote, Gesior, myAAC etc.. But no one of them have a nice explanation of the problem and how to solve this! First of all, I wonder know what is exactly the ".htaccess"? What is your function on the website? Second, the problem...
  13. underewar

    [MyAAC] [Plugin] [Template] Global Layout

    Credits @slaw I just edited the tibiacom template. Full customizable. I have an organized repo for this 'My-AAC last version', I will release I just need to fix something's Just check the template live version. How Install Rename your tibiacom folder and paste the downloaded one. Picture...
  14. danio4don

    AAC is myacc available under tfs 1.5 12.85?

    is myacc available under tfs 1.5 12.85?
  15. Lucas Giovanni

    MyAAC Global Layout

    MyAAC Global Layout Credits Slawkens (MyAAC) Lucas Giovanni (Updated MyAAC with Global Layout) MyAAC v0.8.6 News Changed box shadow image to css Changed buttons, removed image and added by css Created new buttons based on colors (green and red) Added page load, configurable in config.php...
  16. EarthMother

    AAC MyAAC - Whoops something went wrong...

    Hello! I'm here looking for guidance. Somebody that can tell me and at the same time teach me how to backtrace this and possibly has a fix? Pretty new to this, but I'm willing to learn about OT's. Trying to learn by customizing a TFS 1.4.1 at the moment, by adding custom skills/items and...
  17. El Man

    Myaac Data Online Problem

    I changed the location of the website to another IP, for example, the website works on the IP of and the server works on another IP and the database works on the IP of the server :: My problem is website can't read number of player online in server Example : Who is online :-...
  18. silic0nalph4

    [GitHub] OpenTibia 10.98, Raspberry Pi, Docker

    Hi all, I'm Silic0n Alph4, an anonymous code money who's fed up with Cipsoft :) I've been playing Tibia with my sister since 200x. We each had periods of not playing, but finally a few years ago we both had stable Internet connections and enough free time to actually play. My wife joined us as...
  19. Hyagosrs

    AAC MYAAC error while creating Guild

    i get this error when i try to create a new guild. Does anyone know how to solve it? y
  20. Hyagosrs

    AAC MYAAC images/store problem

    I've tried several ways, but I can't find the solution. See what I've tried: -chmod 660 images/store -chmod 775 images/store -chmod 777 images/store -chmod -R "all the numbers" images/store my config.lua: coinImagesURL = "" ANY IDEAD? <3