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OTClient 1.0 (Release)

sry, but on my part no.

it wasn't your project that did have that feature as a goal?
i read it in some other topic, idk and
i'm asking cause much people do know css and could make amazing features,mods,components to otc at lest visual amazing ;D
i'm asking cause much people do know css and could make amazing features,mods,components to otc at lest visual amazing ;D
People still can do amazing things with OTUI, which is very close to CSS in syntax.
yeah, to me for example, i would contribute coding a lot of ideas if it supports css, cause i already got some experience
i did think it was a goal, would be amazing ;\
You can also try to learn otui, its similar to css in some way...
Maybe someone is interested in this topic and can check sciter – Multiplatform HTML/CSS/JavaScript UI Engine for Desktop and Mobile Application (https://sciter.com/) to integrate with OTClient.

I don't think Sciter is a good fit considering it's a HTML rendering engine rather than a GUI library.
To integrate it with OTClient wouldn't be so much "putting sciter into otclient" as it would be "fitting otclient into sciter".

Apparently it is possible to do at least DirectX rendering through sciter, but that involves somehow sandwiching your engine render output between DOM layers of the HTML engine. Which sounds not only like a whole heap of dark witchcraft, but would also probably require you to completely rebuild most of otclients... well, everything.

Also they only mention DirectX, so that would mean a windows-only otclient unless they've added OGL/VK support since then.
Well, the current engine isn't bad, but it's also not as practical as html/css, however, it would be interesting for someone to implement a library that would speed up UI development, but it won't be a task that I'll take on, because I already have a list of tasks, here's one now:

Note: The displayed lag is from the server.
Hi @Mehah I have a noob question. What is the diffrence between .tar.gz and zip? From my testing I have reached the conclusion that tar.gz is the one that works for me, cuz I cant seem to compile the zip version.
No , but how I can play in android? Updater not work, becouse web is offline.
How add tibia client to android data without updater? ...
use custom google store and use android system to perform update ? (This is how it should work)
Release: 2.6
Rev: 3810
  • Multi-threading
  • Improved Walking System
  • Better FPS Controller
  • Various rendering fixes
  • Add Wrap
  • Other fixes

link: Release 2.6 · mehah/otclient (https://github.com/mehah/otclient/releases/tag/2.6)

[Multi-Thread test at high scale]

Happy New Year
Beautiful, as always
Also, did a PR ;)

Release: 2.8
Rev: 3856
  • More optimized rendering
  • Supports sequenced packages and compression
  • Asserts loading is no longer async
  • Discord RTC
  • Option to load spr or protobuf
  • Removed custom shared_obj_tr, now use std::shared_ptr
  • Add support for num_plays in animatedTexture
  • Many bugs fixed
download: Release 2.8 · mehah/otclient (https://github.com/mehah/otclient/releases/tag/2.8)

Note: this version is practically free of rendering bugs.

Here's another test with optimizations applied in this version
Character blink is because of the large data input.
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As someone who doesn't know shit about OTC; Can anyone point out which are the main differences between classic OTC, Redemption/Mehah and OTCv8? Thanks!
As someone who doesn't know shit about OTC; Can anyone point out which are the main differences between classic OTC, Redemption/Mehah and OTCv8? Thanks!

You can check main differences in the description of the repositories, but in short:

1) Classic otclient (main dev - edubart): original one made by edubart, after many people started using it and improving without contributing he got discouraged to continue working on it.
2) Otland otclient: they forked classic and said they would maintain it, done few commits but not much different

3) OTCv8 (main dev - kondrah):
Kondrah appeared in the community with a different model. The demand for an usable otc was rising so he polished an "end version" with many features an otadmin would want in order to migrate from official client to otc. He was also partly responsible for popularizing it even more as his version had some exclusive features like android version fixed (it was on original but broke somewhere along the way), inbuilt bot and auto updater. His version was also way better than the two previous versions because he optimized several openGL calls and made quickfixes good enough to stop the project from being so gpu expensive and more likely the global client. Main problem and source of criticism was that while this was perfect for starters and end users, eventually while developing it you would hit a wall that is the closed source model, and he was charging an INCREDIBLY high amount besides selling several other features. After a few debattes here at otland and even the original creator speaking up about it Kondrah moved away the community.

4) OTC 1.0 / Redemption (main dev - Mehah):
Built on top of classic otc, it's the most developed and optimized version we have so far. The main developer is still actively working and updating the project. Mehah is a top notch developer that is very accessible and is always looking for new things to learn and improve so that's a huge plus.
It came a long way since it's page 1 version and many people joined to contribute (though there's always more work than contributors).
While Kondrah tried to focus too much in having an end product, Redemption do feel it's still lacking some polishment on its interface and it's still missing some most-wanted features like auto-updater, inbuilt bot and mobile as far as I know. However, it's no comparison in terms of performance, stability and acessibility (being 100% open src). There's even a quite cool analysis I did on the different battle module, in which - not surprisingly - is possibly the biggest fps problem across versions.

Best scenario would be more people contributting to Redemption and bringing things they bought/developed to it. This would save everyone's time or money (to do it themselves or to pay for something someone already paid/did). But community nowadays is locked inside prisoner's dilemma. Most people will just be f***** if they don't share either way because eventually someone (or even Mehah himself) will do it - the proper way from scratch (where he could just take an existing code and optimize it) and those people will need to migrate to his version to keep the merge easier (or have to endure a harder and harder process of merging completely different codes).