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[PL] [Custom] Dragon Ball Word Eng/PL [Beta]

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Dec 4, 2017
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I would like to introduce and invite you to Dragon Ball World. This server is created in the RETRO style. OTS is similar to many others. Publicly available graphics were used. The server itself and the map were created from scratch, not a single file from other Dragon Ball servers was used. It was created on the TFS engine. The server is approximately 70-80% complete. Tests are currently included.
The server is created for players who are fed up with P2W servers, servers that no longer have anything to do with Dragon Ball, through millions of skins, and other such paid offers. We strive to fulfill the expectations any type of players, solo players, teams, PVP and PVE players. For this purpose, special systems have been designed as described below.

Main features of our server:
• Low Rate,
• Class system - characters have been divided into Tank, Melee, Ki classes. The EQ has also been adjusted. The system will get more prominent over the course of the game.
• Passive and special techniques - each character will be unique thanks to a special and passive skill.
• Stage System - a tool to control the speed of the game.
• Monster Level - Creatures have a level. The system forces the player to level up on creatures from his level range. For monsters of higher and lower level, the player gradually gets less experience. This system is to prevent hardstacking on lower-level mobs, and the use of players with higher levels to block creatures that are too strong for the player.
• The Saga System - Currently 104 sagas including Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. The sagas are lvl-limited, so you can't skip the whole story right away. We focus on making each saga unique, with different mechanics, and requiring more than just spamming one technique from the player. More sagas will be introduced in the update as soon as players reach the required level.
• Dungeon System - The dungeon opens from time to time. Dungeons will require from teams to have skills, creativity and logical thinking in boss fights and finding the right paths and passes. Dungeons scale based on the number of players on the team.
• Raid system - From time to time the cities will be invaded by various types of creatures.
• Auction House
• Many Quests, more or less complicated,
• Quest Log and much much more.
In the coming weeks, we plan to intensify work on the server, which is why player feedback and comments will be very helpful, especially regarding character balance, respawn, economy, etc.

A discord server has been created to facilitate communication.

Join the Dragon Ball World Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/8t5rkpNu2a)

ACC Maker: Dragon Ball World (http://dbwots.ddns.net/)