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[Poland][12.51] WykopOts - 25.12.2022 19:00 CET | Custom Map | Low Rate | Balanced Gameplay

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Jun 5, 2012
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Server Information:
Client version: 12.51
Server type: retro pvp
(with orange skull)
Our wiki: wykopots wiki

Currently test server is live. New characters will be possible to create at saturday evening.
Since the previous launch all known critical bugs have been fixed, a lot of hunting spots have been improved, and a couple new ones added. There are two new quests, and some more are being worked on, which will be added during upcoming edition.

A little backstory:
In early 2015 on Polish reddit-like website "wykop.pl" with really big community someone created a little open tibia server called "mirkots", which tourned out to be pretty succesfull. It was created from scratch, and server itself was terrible, but many people tried Tibia here for the first time after many years, and had great fun. Community of this server became pretty strong and loyal, but after couple editions majority of players got really annoyed at primary server owner, as he was really hard to cooperate with. Group of players decided to create their own server called "wykopots". It took us couple months to create whole custom map, some content, and host really succesful edition. Since then majority of team have left, but with some help of others I am still updating the server by adding new maps, quests and features. Currently server is in really good state that I'm happy with.

"Old times" gallery.

  • Custom map but pretty basic mechanics and balance.
  • Enjoyable for both rpg and pvp players.
  • Majority of mechanics and systems are up-to-date, but theres some retro-feel like blockable spawn, ultimate potions with enlarged lvl requirement etc.
  • Slight exp stage drop which allows to enjoy each stage of the game and suits the server.
  • Balanced economy.
  • No bots allowed, and no pay to win in shop.
Systems and mechanics:
  • multi-language support
    • questlog, npc's and systems
    • language set by command from Polish and English
  • items available in majority of chests
  • basic and daily tasks
    • money, exp and store coins as reward
    • task points that may be exchanged for items, mounts etc
  • prey system
  • bestiary and charms
  • auto loot
  • imbuing
    • all items available from loot and possible to buy from npc
  • supply stash
  • boosted creature
    • set by stages (no hlvl creatures will be boosted at the beginning)
  • daily reward
  • analyzers
  • raid tokens possible to exchange for mounts and addons
Classic and custom quests available:
  • Over 10 custom lore based quests
  • Over 100 single quest chests
  • Bigfoots Burden
  • Pits of Inferno
  • Annihilator
  • Banshee
  • Inquisition
  • Elemental Spheres
  • Ferumbras Ascandant
  • The Ape City
  • Dream Courts
  • Heart of Destruction
  • Demon Oak
  • Orc Fortress
  • Custom Yalahari
  • Firewalker Boots
Gameplay info:
  • Blockable respawn
  • No pvp lvl limit, free bless until lvl 35
Kills to red/black skull:
Daily: 6/9
Weekly: 10/20
Monthly: 20/30

Skill rate: 7
Magic rate: 4
Loot rate: 1.3

Experience stages:


Some new hunting spots:

Older images:




Server map:
Please try harder this time with advertising!
I will come for sure, server the best! :)
Last changelog updates before the start:
Systems etc:
  • changes in required number of kills in bestiary
  • change of loot prey system to work like rl
  • extra loot from prey is correctly displayed in the loot channel
  • imbu creation now correctly removes creature products when item is equipped
  • anti-rollback system after crashes
Balance changes in some tasks"
  • Carniphila - exp
  • Gargoyles - exp/tc
  • Minos - reduced amount
  • Stone Golem - exp
  • Lancer Beetle - exp/money/tc
  • Stampor - exp/money
  • Wailing Widow - exp/money/tc
  • Brimstone Bug - exp/money
  • Demons - reduced amount (666)
  • Hellspawns - exp/reduced amount
  • Weak Undeads - exp/money
  • Sea Serpent - exp/money/tc

  • new "Desert Quest" added - 4voc required
  • daily spawning of various pharaohs on the way to Blue Legs quest
  • added spot with Werelions (on the way to Asuras)
  • higher chance for goblin ear (daily task fix)
I don't see a map showing where the desert quest is.

Start advertising, nothing lost yet!
Today we got new online record, 5 days after the start. Janusz barely can handle the queue.

Some fixes since the start listed below:
  • broken chest above Komor fixed
  • fixed one part of "Settled down Fisherman" quest
  • fixed micro-freezes of the server
  • npc Szczepan with equipment added in Kongo town
  • offline training statues added in desert and jungle town depots
  • amount of task monsters to kill fixed in questlog
  • fixed teleport to Ribstride (Bonebeast task)
  • reduced amount of Crystal Spiders on their spot
  • Warlocks become visible after taking poison bomb tick

Today exp rates got changed to the next stage (8-14 day since start). We have added new Lottery "event" - one of the players online have chance to win 15 coins at 17:00, 20:00 and 22:30 CET.

Happy New Year!

Current exp rates:

Some changes from recent week:

  • new spot with Grim Reapers and Demons added (passage between the desert and steppes)
  • new passage from Steppe villave (easier access to Mutated Humans)
  • more random item chests on the map
  • Grave Robbers added on some cemeteries

  • better loot from Sulphur Scuttler (Brimstone Bug task boss)
  • required amount of Fire Devils in bestiary fixed
  • Askarak Demon paralyse weakened
  • better chance for Silencer Claw drop from Enfeebled Silencer
  • impossible to "delete" teleports from events
  • possibility to sell Velvet Tapestry (npc Janusz)
Today we have a little loot event - boost by 25%. In upcoming days there will be server rules update with clarified penalties, mainly reagarding macros and multiclients. Some new quests are close to be finished, probably will get added in the next week. The plan is also to introduce a daily custom bosses at given hour as the event.

I m joined 2 days ago and its the best rpg server im played with no pay to win.
Would like fo see android apk. But from what i noticed, no one is able to make one without the damn stupid bot included in it. Cmon people where the monile client at?

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