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[POLAND] [7.72] - BrosOTS - live server starts 25th February 2022

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Jan 2, 2020
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Welcome to Bros OTS!
Test server is ONLINE !
Live server - starts 25th February 2022!

Website: Latest News - BrosOTS - Test Server (http://brosots.com/)
Acc Maker: Create Account - BrosOTS - Test Server (http://brosots.com/?account/create)
Client download: Downloads - BrosOTS - Test Server (http://brosots.com/?downloads)
Discord invite link: Join the Bros OTS Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/3vSeMkPCks)
Discussion thread: Its just another old server XD (https://otland.net/threads/its-just-another-old-server-xd.279719/)

IP: brosots.com
Port: 7171
Client: own client with .dll (or use Tibia 7.72 with IP Changer / OTClient - .dat file is on site to -> download)
Uptime: I try to make 24/7
Hosted in: POLAND, Lodz, second floor, living room, behind a TV

Exp rate: x40
Loot rate: x3
Skills: x25
Magic rate: x15

Map: real ma with some custom changes
Runes: own created got more charges, bought in shop got normal charges
Server type: pvp

This will be completly free of charge and without pay2win!

Why another one?

Because this one is supposed to be done, like back in days.
You and Your friends wanted to run a server. Thats all!
After checking some stuff, You try to change it to find out how would it be. There is that place.

I`m open to any suggestions, like a firend that host a server.
Also, I`m looking for players to help with that (on GMs possition etc.)!
// mail me - [email protected] or wirte to me on discord PainInAss#0568

Change exp rate? Everyone likes that? Ok, lets do that!
Maybe new place? Ok!
Some new monster or change existed? Done!

I want in first place, to make a space for older players, to they get some fun
after hard day at work, etc.
Chill out and play.. stay at a house for hours or protect a depo like real guard
chatting with Your buddys!

All rates are like when You buy a used car and ask about car mileage, to be determined XD

What about hosting?
Simple. It`s hosted on my second computer (with special ISP line for that)

I made a few simple tricks there

  • if I wont be at home, and server goes down, it will reboot
  • if windows caused reboot, server will reopen too
So only thing, that will cause server down is a electric power line XD

About me?
Im lvl 35 for now, got 3 kids, wife etc... nothing special.
My code lvl is low/beginer - so to all of that I came by myself, Yours tutorial,
even from buy some codes from programers here.
I wanted to make a place like this, to get some fun.
For me, fun is that I can host and run that ots, thats all :)

So.. step in and check it by Yourself
I hope You will find a fun here!

It will be trully oldSchool :)

Some more info?
Real Map with custom NPC and some new places (still in progress!)
Training island
Special training weapons (spear, ring, staff)
Tasks at NPC Alado in Thais (low, medium and hard tasks)
Merchan NPC Olesal in Thais (sell and buy like Djins does)
Better monster attack formula
You don`t have to learn spells
No soul points
Coin changer by click (100->1/1->100)
Better "exori" on knight
Boosted palladin attack
Adori blank to conjure blank rune
Backpacks of runes/mana fluids
Balanced ROH/Life ring

So... c`mon Lets Play!


2 days left !!!

im working some on web page, so test it and server
and prepare for start :)
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i think web page is fine now ;P


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also - we go back to oryginal .dat file - because it causes errors on player client
if You downloaded our dat file - change it back to oryginal 7.72 .dat file :D
today at night im starting to prepare it.. and server will go live i think about 10~12

starting to clean all for fresh start :)


yup, we are starting in about 1 hour :)

21:36 New record: 21 players are logged in.


Thanks You all :D

LOL :)
18:34 New record: 32 players are logged in.
23:46 New record: 41 players are logged in.
In couple of days I will close server and restart it.
There will be new ratio for all and Im working on a Custom Map.
Any info - please come lets talk on Discord!
Database wipe and maintance is in progress.
We will be back on Nov 9, 2022 :)
Prepare for fresh start :)
Database wipe and maintance is in progress.
We will be back on Nov 9, 2022 :)
Prepare for fresh start :)


We starting on November 9, 2022!
From that date You can create account.​


November 11, 2022 (11.11.2022)

Create account page - Create Account - BrosOTS (http://brosots.com/?account/create)
Download Client page - Downloads - BrosOTS (http://brosots.com/?downloads)
Discord channel link - Join the Bros OTS Discord Server! (https://discord.com/invite/3vSeMkPCks)

New edition, new possibilities.

With us you can successfully play alone and with your friends! We are changing the server for RPG gameplay.

New places to visit, new monsters to beat, changed places that are already known to you, and all this for a long-term gameplay experience that will give you a lot of fun!

Stay with us and start your new adventure!

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