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  1. leik meris

    [USA][7.4] Xantera| LOW RATE | MAP 7.4 | LAUNCH MAY 26 18:00 UTC

    Xantera Online is a server created by enthusiastic old school gamers. This project has been active since the year 2017. Based on a TFS that interprets the hacked files of Tibia 2006. In Xantera Online you will find all the functionalities that existed in the year 2006 ~ 2007 except some...
  2. leik meris

    TFS 1.X+ spell area different damage ErikasKontenis version

    Hello everyone, I am investigating how to fix the area damage in an equal damage, currently it is like this, see image. does anyone know the solution to what I want??, thanks I am using this version GitHub - ErikasKontenis/SabrehavenServer...
  3. 44 Hunter

    Lua Full Boat NPC

    Full Boat NPC for Old Tibia, TFS 1.5 (Nekiro Downgrade) Hello, if anyone can help me with this question I would be very grateful. It is worth remembering that all those who have servers in version 7x and 8x will be pleased with this script, because at the time it worked in the way that I will...
  4. Competitibia

    [GERMANY] [7.4X] [Competitibia] [Custom Real-Map] [Shipping] [x1] [LEARN SPELLS] No Resets MC LIMIT

    Any form of cavebot will be punishable. light macro is allowed. Introduction Welcome to the new beginning. First World Of Competitibia announced. No Boats Learn spells. Yes in this server you will have to learn spells. EXCEPT EXURA, UTEVO LUX, EXEVO PAN, DEATHLOSS: XP 11% MLVL: 3% Skills: 2%...
  5. bolibompa

    [France] [7.4] [Inferna] [High EXP] [Custom RealMap] [PVP-Enforced] Start: 27-12-2022 18.00 CEST🎅

    Welcome, newcomers, Website--> https://inferna.online/ Inferna Online is the project that was started in the beginning of October 2020. From this date we focused to create a stable server without crashes, tests where people participated. The end, or rather said the new beginning, will have a...
  6. henriquemm

    [BRAZIL] [8.0] Exordion 2x GLOBAL - 14/11/2022 19:00 (GMT-3)

    Exordion Official Opening: 14/11/2022 - 19:00 (GMT-3) Host BR www.exordion.com.br Creation of accounts and characters released! Everyone will receive 3 days of Premium Account 1h before opening! It is with great pleasure that after months of development, adjustments, corrections and 1...
  7. PuszekLDZ

    [POLAND][7.7] BrosOTS

    Welcome to Bros OTS! Test server is ONLINE till November 9! Live server - starts November 11, 2022! IP: brosots.com Port: 7171 Client: own client Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: POLAND, Lodz, second floor, living room, behind a TV Website: Latest News - BrosOTS - Test Server (http://brosots.com/) Acc...
  8. A

    market does not recognize items in all depots

    Good Morning! I use OTX server, my market only checks the items in the INBOX and DEPOTCHEST of the current city, in case if I open the market in THAIS, the items that I will sell will only work in DEPOTCHEST 2 which is Thais' DP Does anyone know where I can put him to check all the DEPOTCHEST...
  9. PuszekLDZ

    [POLAND] [7.72] - BrosOTS - live server starts 25th February 2022

    Welcome to Bros OTS! Test server is ONLINE ! Live server - starts 25th February 2022! Website: Latest News - BrosOTS - Test Server (http://brosots.com/) Acc Maker: Create Account - BrosOTS - Test Server (http://brosots.com/?account/create) Client download: Downloads - BrosOTS - Test Server...
  10. wizinx

    [Brazil] [7.4] Imperium Global - Mid Rates - [Open PvP] OPEN 21 JANUARY 18 : 00 BRAZIL

    Imperium will launched with Open-PVP server: Imperium - America South, Sao Paulo Meaning they will never reset!, Once your character is created, it will be with you forever! Imperium features: Non-stackable runes/fluids Runes from NPCs and players Accurate 7.4 formulas Free...
  11. M

    [Brazil][7.4] EMPIRE OT - [05/06/2021- 18H]

    Empire-Old xp: Internships Skills: 10x Magic: 4x Withdrawal: 2x -Our server has version 7.72 with boats and mat without protection zone, spells, vocations and tibia formulas 7.4; -We don't have fluid mana, only mana potion, stackavel; -Stackable Runes System; -War system; -Cast System...
  12. P

    [BRAZIL] [7.72] Aibit MMORPG.

    Welcome to Aibit MMORPG (Tibia Global). "If you love old school Tibia then this is the server for you." Site: www.Aibit.ml Opening: 10/9/2020 Create your account, and download our v2.0 OTClient If you love "Tibia old is cool", then you've come to the right place! The Aibit team has...
  13. imperianic

    [Brazil] [7.4] Imperianic - Imera - [24.05, Sunday 18:00 BRT]

    GENERAL Launch Date: 24/05/2020 Website: Imperianic (https://imera.imperianic.com/register.php?refer=otland) Version: 7.72 downgraded to 7.4 Port: 7173 Host: São Paulo (BR) Protection: ProGDN Premium: Free Video of some server modifications: RATES Experience: From Level To level...
  14. Discovery

    Tibia Nostalgia - COMIC Arts

    Fellow Otlanders, I found some comic images from TibiaNews comic section, and designed by Angeli Ater. Enjoy that masterpiece. 💕🤟 Thats all folks! Rodi.
  15. olderion

    [BRAZIL] [Custom / 7.4] Olderion [31/01 - 21:00 CET]

    Hello Otland, Welcome to Olderion! Here you will have the best experience of old Tibia with unique features to keep the gameplay attractive, challenging and fun! Olderion has its own client with an anti-bot system and active staff to ensure that the game is fair and playable for everyone. Here...
  16. N

    Very oldschool OT player here. Let's chat about old and new OT! And maybe help me catch up?

    So I am an OT player from back in the day, and when I say back in the day, I mean when 7.6 was probably the most played OT version. I would like to catch up a little bit about the game but also about hosting a server. Back in the day we actually used only XML and just before I quit, SQL became a...
  17. EaiComeu

    [FRANCE][Custom / 7.4] MELINDRIA|DDosProtected|Anti-bot| PvP-Enforced| December, 13 - 20:00 CEST

    >> Hello Otland. We come with a new propose. Do you like playing retro tibia, but you're sick of the old sprites? Melindria is the best option for you. >> Basic Information: -The server will have medium rates -Hosted in FRANCE -IP: melindria.com Version: 7.4 >> Rates: Experience Stages : 1-8 =...
  18. Pedrook

    [Brazil] [Custom / 8.60] Warmen-ATS | Start in 22 NOVEMBER 18:00

    Warmen began to take shape in early 2010, although the story begins much earlier. Each member of our team has its own story with the old school MMORPG, or Tibia. It has a profound impact on our lives, one way or another. This server is a tribute to the community that played and heard of Warmen...
  19. Amiroo

    [France] [7.40] DarkOT [High Exp] [Long Term] [Guild Wars] [Start 2019-10-18 18.00 CET]

    Welcome to DarkOT 7.4! DarkOT is hosted in France Website: Darkot.eu This game is a replica of Tibia at state of 7.4 with some modifications to make the game more interesting! For example a few of the most popular things about 7.4! No protection zone on boats You can't walk up on 2 parcels...
  20. katthult

    [France] [7.72] [Nangijala RPG] [Custom Edited Yurots Map] START 2019-03-29 18.00 CET) [RESET]

    Greetings and welcome to Nangijala RPG 7.72 Conection IP: Nangijala.Online Port: 7171 Website: Nangijala.online The game has been designed for long-term play, where RPG feelings will come from quests. The Game Play is intended to be fun and dynamic. Now take a look on some info about the...