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[Poland] [8.60] Naruto Old Sekai Starting the 19th

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Aug 5, 2017
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NARUTO OLD SEKAI [BETA] IS STARTING AT [2020-08-19] 18:00 [POLAND] 13:00 [BRASIL] 11:00 [MEXICO]

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»Website: Latestnews - server (http://nso-ots.pl/?subtopic=latestnews)
»Server Type: Medium
»Custom Client: 8.60
»Port: 7171
»Map Type: Open + Bosses on levers
»Characters: 15 characters

Exp Stage
1-100 - 150x
101-200 - 90x
201-300 - 60x
301-400 - 30x
401+ - 9x


Skill System:

Attack Speed:
40 attacks per minute - 10 AS
44 attacks per minute - 20 AS
48 attacks per minute - 30 AS
52 attacks per minute - 40 AS
54 attacks per minute - 50 AS
57 attacks per minute - 60 AS
61 attacks per minute - 70 AS
67 attacks per minute - 80 AS
76 attacks per minute - 90 AS
86 attacks per minute - 100 AS
90 attacks per minute - 110 AS
102 attacks per minute - 120 AS [MAX]

Critic - for each critic point we increase our chance of a critical hit by 1% [MAX 80]
Defense - for each defense point we increase our protection against weapon damage by 1% [MAX 60]
Absorb - this skill reduces the damage you receive from spells as it gives you a chance to dodge them completely. [MAX 60]

Other Systems:
» Automatic Tasks System - You don't have to choose a task or give it back. This system automatically accepts staffs and receives rewards from them.
» Combo System - system makes healing spells in sync with attacking spells. In addition You can combo different types of attacking spells.
» AutoLoot System - You can add items to the list. Then the items on the list will go to the backpack themselves - you don't have to open the corpse.
» Party System - It works on the principle that if you log out or die after logging in (if you have not exceeded the minute) it will automatically add you to the Party you were in. It works only on parties of 3 to x people. I think this system is quite unusual on servers - very useful in guild wars.
» The Boss System on levers - it consists in the fact that in order to enter the boss area, you need to get a VIP Ticket from the monsters, thanks to which we can enter and defeat one of the bosses.
» Lever System - the lever shows the time how long it will work after use. In other words, it will show the time until a stone blocking the road, for example, appears again.
» New player Protection System - PvP is possible before level 150 only with players where the level difference is a maximum of 50, and after level 150, everyone can fight with each other.
» Crafting System - I don't think it needs much explaining. In short, the system is based on the fact that after obtaining a certain number of items, we can create the desired item.
» Monster System - monsters respawn next to players - this does not apply to bosses on levers, of course.
» Upgrade System - it is based on the fact that using an upgrade stone and the so-called upgraders each player can improve their weapons, but also equipment. On equipment he increases the bonuses in items. Weapons can be upgraded to +10 and equipment to +3.

Some gifs from server:

Crafting gif.gif


Lever System.gif

Boss systemik.gif


OTS made by Briko for Yamsior. Graphics are borrowed from Wono and Naruto Story.

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Oct 21, 2009
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That's nice that you borrow (not steal) sprites from @4drik , I've always thought that Adrik is a nice guy :cool:
:rolleyes: GL with that square easy-money server!


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Aug 5, 2017
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Patch 01.11.2020

1. New hunting grounds have been added:

  • + 1 x wolf
  • + 1 x bandit
  • + 4 x sound shinobi
  • + 4 x monk
  • + 1 x Anbu
  • + 3 x Samd Shinobi
  • + 3 x Samurai
  • + 2 x Sand Monster
  • + 1 x Uchiha and Senju Member (Huge with quest)
  • a lot of Akatsuki Member
  • + 1 x Otsutsuki Member (Huge)
2. 32 sagas have been placed on the map - unfortunately the script we have only limits us to killing sagas in the right order
3. Defense and Absorb Trainers have been added that can be entered for 1 ryo dollar
4. 8 quests have been added (5 simple and 3 quite heavy) - it is not a hard quest like typical for Briko!
5. 3 new unique bosses (Momoshiki, Kinshiki and Mecha Naruto) have been added, to which only people who have completed a specific quest have access - each of them has their own unique set.
6. A new city has been added - Suna, with several houses + sagas + depot etc.
7. A new pet has been added - Sand Monster, which can be obtained in the game - it is a response to your requests for any free pet.
8. [NPC] Tsunade has been added with several missions (similar to other NPCs) - the reward for completing the mission is increased healing from all potions (eg Hero water or Pill) by 30%
9. The Auto Clean system was launched on the server every 30 minutes - there was a lot of shit still in the depo / temple and it looked uninteresting
10. Mysterious Chest and Task Box update - now they open after clicking the right mouse button (no need to right and left)
11. 6 new characters have been added: Ino (Dist), Itachi (Sword), Jiraya (Glove), Madara (Sword), Hashirama (Glove) and Minato (Sword) 12. Added unique effects on specific trances (colloquially called "lightning on the character")
13. Increased skillrate of all skills more than 3 times. In addition, Critic Chance Skills with the same rate as Attack Speed
14. New monsters have been added: Sand Shinobi (~ lvl 150), Sand Monster (~ lvl 200), Uchiha and Senju Member (~ lvl 300), Otsutsuki Member (~ lvl 400)
15. At the request of the players, 2 better rings than the standard ones have been added - Mecha Naruto Ring (under the paw) and Otsutsuki
Ring (under the ninjutsu)

16. The number of the monster - Wolf has been reduced three times
17. Fixed a bug where it was not possible to move the dead from Momoshiki and Kinshiki
18.Fixed a bug where Momoshiki and Kinshiki spawned alternately
19. A tab with map layouts has been added to the page - there are Map of Monsters, Bosses, Sag and NPCs
20. Items from new monsters were added to the seller - even high levels had problems with the money due to new missions
21. Fixed bug with disappearing quest bosses - Bandit Leader, Sound Shinobi Leader. Additionally, their corpse now disappears after 30 seconds 22. It has been set for bosses to change targets every 5 seconds - it's a poor sight when 50 lvl kills Sasuke and gets 300 lvl immediately.
23. Limiting Distance, Kenjutsu and Taijutsu skill to 120.
24. Numerous errors on the site have been fixed - mainly in the descriptions
25. Fixed a bug with Katon Gokakyu no Jutsu where there was a lot more balls than spells for level 50 and it was for level 20.
26. New tasks with newly added monsters have been added.

Second Edition starts in 23.11.2020 at 18:00 [POLAND] 13:00 [BRASIL] 11:00 [MEXICO]


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Feb 13, 2021
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Briko I need help! I got stuck in ground in uchiha and senju members underground respawn. I went down through one of ladders and it put me in place with no space to go and no ladder up. There are uchiha members nearby so i cant log out.
Post automatically merged:

Briko I need help! I got stuck in ground in uchiha and senju members underground respawn. I went down through one of ladders and it put me in place with no space to go and no ladder up. There are uchiha members nearby so i cant log out.