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May 18, 2016
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I cordially invite all gathered here to the beta test of Dragon Ball Soul Fighter which will take place on 02/07/23 at 18:00, the dbsf.eu server has been created since 2018 and after almost a year break we are returning to you with a big update. What has changed?
Have you never played on anime type servers? We have made a guide for players who have never played Tibia or Dragon Ball servers, the guide is available on our discord: Join the Dragon Ball Soul Fighters Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/TF3YDQF8)
  • Changes in attack speed (we have increased the skill casting speed and added the ability to upgrade the band)
  • New PQ/SPQ/LPQ/VPQ/GPQ/PFQ quests
  • Changes in talents (from now on, talents can only be obtained through achievements, tasks, monsters, bosses, and dungeons)
  • Changes in all transformation-related quests with added new quests
  • Added MVP monsters (after killing a monster, there is a chance to spawn MVP I/II/III, which has better loot and exp)
  • Changes in main items, tier 1 and 2
  • Changes in crafting table, added tier 1 and 2 items to the crafting table, removed unnecessary items
  • Added 16 new monsters and 16 new spawns
  • Increased ki damage after transformations in PQ, SPQ
  • Removed specialist characters (specialists will be available to everyone at a later stage of the game)
  • Decreased melee damage after transformations in LPQ, VPQ, GPQ, PFQ
  • Map change, changed monster respawn on Inceptus, Namek, Earth, Zuna, Arlia, Dimetrion
  • Removed maps: Yardrat, Westwood, Velter, Frozen Island, Rug Island, Lude, Neverland, Aisurando, Desert, Elvara, Yarvan, Rock Island, Tottoriland, Element Kingdom
  • New island for transformations in PFQ
  • Increased wave damage for each character after rebirth
  • Changed prices in NPC weapon, armor and black market shops (added new items for sale at the NPC "black market": green/red gem)
  • Changed the final mission for Verte (removed iron bars, added 100 special flasks) after completing it, you will receive the spell "Mystic Area"
  • Changes in saga rewards
  • Change in spell from 100 level 60>40 ki level
  • Removed quests: attack speed band/special, mystic area
  • Changes in Potara: red 5>3, green 10>5, absorb
  • Changed Janemby and Xicory outfits
  • Removed critical from destruction weapons
  • Changed armors in items
  • Changes in task bosses, reduced HP for Big Dinozaur, reduced mystic Namek boss damage
  • Change in dungeons - all dungeons will be under the command !dungeon
  • Monster HP has been reduced in all dungeons
  • Increased boss damage from power dungeon
  • Removed one room from gold dungeon
  • Added duration to dungeon items
  • Changed waiting time for dungeons 20>12
  • New dungeon rewards ...

And a lot more to explore.



Website: Dragon Ball Soul Fighter (https://dbsf.eu/)
Discord: Join the Dragon Ball Soul Fighters Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/TF3YDQF8)
Fanpage: DBSF (https://www.facebook.com/DBSFOnline)
Thank you again to everyone for testing, we have added an NPC "Tester" in DP for those who would like to test the server further.
Changed spell Chibie Furie
Nerfed drop rate for Talent Dodge from monsters
Added Talent Attack Speed Card drop to monsters
Nerfed drop rate for Talent Attack Speed Card from monsters
Added no logout, PZ to Alchemy Room
Nerfed all "Kings" bosses
Nerfed Ultra Monsters
Changed 800 level transformation, no longer need dragon ball
Nerfed Fury Freeza for 750 transformation quest
Fixed 1050 level transformation quest bug, can now use !teleport
Distance profession now has -10% damage from melee attacks
Nerfed legendary Kefla for 1300 level transformation quest
Fixed items from dungeons, Crystal of Power and Unholy Bone now stack
Fixed storage for second level key dungeon
Fixed Golden Flask, can now be used in stacks
Fixed boss bugs from tasks
Added new map "Arlia"
Added daily world boss at 20:00 on the island of Arlia"

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We added the ability to upgrade the AS Band to crafting, so that you can gradually upgrade your band from 0 to max +10.
(More info on discord)

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Hello, last chance to check the server before the start.
Start on 24.02.2023 at 6:00 PM
Never played on an anime server? We added a detailed guide on how to start playing on our Discord.
Discord: https://discord.gg/kAvzQCkC
Website: https://dbsf.eu/
Have you never played on a Dragon Ball server before? We have added a special tutorial just for you on how to download the game, how to level up your skills, and how to get started
The start is on 24.02.2023 at 6:00 PM Polish time.

You are beta testing server created in 2018. Confusion has entered the chat You also seem to forgot to include shop offers and points prices, no worries i will If anyone cares to know. Cheap prices though.C35DEA80-B6A8-4AAA-88C5-546360D735AF.pngAAC1E6FB-E28D-429B-ACF0-1ACB939676E6.png1F1460CE-6F94-4219-913C-82E8EE12EC43.pngCD0F5553-3840-41D0-A6D8-E41D0AAB2664.png
Dont forget to check QUEST LIST to know that everything here is available in the game.

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And BTW please, use some time to learn a skill "reading"
Server starts 24.02 beta is closed for 4 days.
You are beta testing server created in 2018. Confusion has entered the chat You also seem to forgot to include shop offers and points prices, no worries i will If anyone cares to know. Cheap prices though.View attachment 73537View attachment 73538View attachment 73539View attachment 73540

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