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[POLAND][CUSTOM] Poke Ville Longterm RPG

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Oct 22, 2023
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Welcome to the World of PokeVille!

Trainers, welcome to the thrilling realm of Pokémon adventures! Today marks the official launch of our long-term RPG Pokémon server – are you ready for an exciting journey?

Incredible Features Await:

Fly, Ride, Surf, and Teleport Abilities: Traverse the Pokémon world with unique abilities!

Three Generations: Encounter your favorite Pokémon from three generations!

Helds System: Acquire and use items to enhance your Pokémon's skills!

Shiny Respawns: Hunt for rare and shiny Pokémon that appear in our territories!

Outland: Explore new and uncharted areas in search of extraordinary Pokémon!

Evolution by Stones and Levels: Develop your Pokémon uniquely!

Daily Automatic Tournaments: Compete with other trainers and win rewards!

Many Quests: Test yourself with diverse tasks, earning rewards and experience!

Boss Pokémon System: Challenge powerful Bosses to gain incredible rewards!

Dimensional Zone (Dungeons): Survive incredible challenges in mysterious dungeons!

Boost System: Acquire boosts to train your Pokémon even better!

Mega Pokémon: Uncover the mystery of Mega Evolution and gain incredible powers!

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