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Project - Comming soon.

Javier Peraza

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Nov 18, 2013
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Dear Otlanders, I am very far from the topic of OT's but, I would like to do something different, a unique project, and also innovative, we are in a new era where games now generate income, thanks to blockchain technology, it came with a new purpose , not as a new technology, but as a way to reward your time behind a monitor by dedicating hours and hours to a game, although even so, you could get income intelligently, but now you can do it freely as a kind of "reward" for gambling, since none of the large projects is allowed to legally trade their currency outside of the game to enrich anyone, and those who do it "illegally" and are discovered will be sentenced to a permanent BAN, let's be part of a big change.

Introduction: My project consists of changing from 90 to 95% of what Tibia is, turning my ideas into a unique project, as I mentioned before, you will ask yourself how? The answer is reflected in TIME, because it will take us a little time to build something like that, but I know that in this forum there are many people capable of achieving the impossible, I have seen it with my own eyes, for example, others projects that were born with an idea here, and now they are among the longest.

╔ PxG (inspired by Pokémon)
╠ Grand Line Adventures (inspired by One Piece)
╚ Ravendawn

It will be divided into phases, to analyze each error, and be solved in time.

• Development of our own Launcher, where versions and events can be updated within it.
• Implement Pets with Benefits.
• Implement Mounts.
• Implement Construction.
╔ Land Sale
╚ Sale of Items
• Implement Work System:
╔ Farmer
╠ Miner
╚ Lumberjack
• Oracle of Rewards

I will be updating this list that we will call "Roadmap".

Those who wish to join the project will be welcomed by leaving me a "presentation" card.

My presentation:
Name / Nickname: Javier / reivaJs2
Age: 28
Country: Venezuela
Languages: Spanish, English 40%
Available Time: All Day
Knowledge: Mapper
Experience in other Projects: null.
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: Discord.

I will be looking for interested parties with experience in this area:

• Web designer
• Programmer
• Blockchain Programmer
• Mapper
• Spriter
• Scripter
• Effects
• Everything that is necessary.

We are entering a new world, the NFT Games are exploding in 2021, but 2022 will be crazy, we must get on the train, and be legends, turn this one opportunity into something great.


• The GM's within the game will be eliminated, to avoid cloning, and creation of Items for their own use, or for friends, who start with me will have an important ROL within the project, obviously we will have certain benefits to start within the game.
• The files will be uploaded to GitHub, and I will handle them personally.
• Everyone will have a% of the supply, which will be their form of payment for having contributed to the project.

As I said before, I will update all this information as time goes by.

Note: Sorry for my bad English, that's why I mentioned before my learning level, I don't want this to be a limit, we can communicate very well with the translator.