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  1. Derlexy

    Nostalgia Project

    Nostalgia Project I'd like to showoff my personal server project, and collect some thoughts about it. First things first: this is a personal project that i`ve working for some time now. At the moment, i have no intention to release it online, at least not as an open server. I'd like to make...
  2. Z

    Looking for spriter for paid project 10.98

    Hello, I'm looking for an experienced sprite with tibia sprites in 45º of the 10.98 client that contains more animations, interested parties please get in touch so I can give details of the work. If it's in the wrong place, please move it. Thanks in advance.
  3. Ezzz

    The Violet Project - CipSoft Reverse Engineering Project

    The Violet Project Preview Video #1 Yes, only one video showing the most important facts that I didn't achieve on Nostalrius. Named Violet in honor of my deceased grandmother, Violeta, my heart and soul belongs to you. So this is what I have been working for the past five or so months, been...
  4. J

    Project - Comming soon.

    Dear Otlanders, I am very far from the topic of OT's but, I would like to do something different, a unique project, and also innovative, we are in a new era where games now generate income, thanks to blockchain technology, it came with a new purpose , not as a new technology, but as a way to...
  5. R

    Unofficial Discord Server '21

    Interested in joining a project? Feel free to message me at MY opentibia Discord. It is NOT run by OTLand or related to them at all. This is privately made. Couldn't find any good OT servers for discussions so I am trying this out. I've missed out on stuff last few years. Wish to make some...
  6. ImaG

    #ImaGistaa Mapp.

    Hello users! I decided to resume showing my tibia project maps. I have done it before on another forum, so I will publish this work as well :] https://imgur.com/user/imagistaa/posts And new... (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) This is a project that I have been creating for some...
  7. joncis

    Self-Made Tibia Bot project :)

    Hello! I'm old tibia player but i'm one of them botter type of players! I came back to tibia a year ago. I realized they have made changes and almost completly removed all bot,botters. All i wanted is just to have some old fun,so i searched for "tibia bots 2021" i realized they are easy to make...
  8. Clickzz

    [PROJECT] Welcome to Clickz Custom Map Project!

    Hello OTland and welcome to my thread! Today i decided to start mapping on a 100% custom map. (2020-10-15) I have mapped for some years on and off and i allways wanted an own custom map, so i think its a really nice project to do. I wanna show you guys what i've done so far and i will update...
  9. Clickzz

    I need a 8.6 teleport room & quest room!

    Hello there! I got a little project going on, its a 8.6 Re-mapped Evolution and i need a teleport room and a quest room. It doesnt need to be a good looking room, cuz i wanna create my OWN teleport/quest room. I just want/need some of the teleports to monsters and quests. I feel like i dont...
  10. C

    RECRUITMENT Gênesis Project *TFS 1.3*

    Gênesis Project The Genesis Project is a development project for an OTServer, with the theme of Poketibia, with the aim of bringing old players who do not find good servers to play with today, and new players who do not know Poketibia or Otservers yet. We intend to start from scratch, thus...
  11. cricks

    Sigma world - starting from scratch!

    Hello everyone. I would like to share my entire project from scratch with you. Each new step will be shared here until I completely finish the whole Sigma world. Before starting, I want to say I have everything planned already and it took me a while to write all my plans. Now, it is time to...
  12. Rasmez

    Legal stuff and other burning questions

    Hi, I'm new in this forum. English is not my primary language so excuse if f%"@ something up 😖 and feel free to roast my grammar or my ignorant self. I'm not a stranger to Tibia (I played a long, long time ago, and my little brother is still playing to this day), I have some experience in...
  13. V

    My Open Tibia project based on global

    Hello. I'm trying to make distribution based on global Tibia with latest content possible. I'm still a rookie in terms of coding and understanding TFS systems, some things are quite hard for me but I'm trying my best. Basically, I have some distro with real map already installed. This server...
  14. V

    Event onStepIn not found in movements

    Hello. I'm trying to create a complete working server with latest content possible. I'm total rookie in terms of coding, so I'm basically learning while working on this project. If you want to contribute PM me. I'm not making server for money, actually I'm not gonna set up server for players...
  15. zFighter21

    [Opinions] Tibia like project but something different

    Hello, I'm a newbie when it comes to codding in these parts, but I wanted to make hobby project, this being a game that would be like tibia but the same time it won't be, I just here to ask for some guidance. There was a cool server that launched not too long ago called "BloodstoneOnline" it’s...
  16. MagicWall

    [OTClient] Project needs a new maintainers

    New year, new aims, but... From time when @edubart don't may maintain OTClient github repo (Nov 4, 2017), project was stopped significantely. [RFC] Project needs a new maintainer · Issue #886 · edubart/otclient I think that is serious problem for OTClient community and future of this project...
  17. Togu

    The Forgotten Tibia

    The Forgotten Tibia Why this name? It's based on The Forgotten Server (and OTClient) It looks like many people forgot that Tibia could be this way Which way? Skill advancement by point distribution How does it works? Vocations: They won't exist. Everyone will be a no-vocation normal...
  18. Togu

    C++ What's the best way to change variable name in source?

    I want to change all "SKILL_CLUB" into "SKILL_STRENGHT" in the source code, how can I do that efficiently? Quick Replace tool? Manually?
  19. Nufebe

    Project X by Nufebe

    Greetings fellow Tibians, As I don't know what this project will be called yet I will just call it Project X for now. One of my dreams since I was young is to make my own world from scratch. I'm a beginner when it comes to mapping and I don't know anything about coding. It was quite hard to...
  20. xanimax12

    High Brothers Town New Project

    New Project. Started today, what do you think?