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PVP Combat - Development Thread


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Oct 30, 2008
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Hey guys, okay?
It's been some time since I was away from the tibia community, and I was playing other games, but there's always that desire to play a different server (Tibia), and so I thought about doing something related to what I learned with other games.
After a few years playing MOBA, the management game and "Mobile Legends" I learned a lot and had new insights, and it was from there that I started to develop a different game than the one that already exists. forum members to wrap up, so let's get to the project!

At first we already have our first field
"Mountain Brawl"




At the beginning of the game everyone starts level 1 and can reach level 25 during the game!
The duration of each match is 20 minutes.
To level up you must kill the wave creatures.
have1.pnghave 2.png

And also in Dragons, which give BUFFS when they die.



The field is divided in half, there are 2 dragons on each side of the map, and a dragon in the center that must be played by the teams.

The dragon buffs in the center will be for the entire team.
The other 2 buffs on each side will be for the player who uses the "ITEMBUFF" that will drop when killing the dragon.


To participate in the fights you will need 10 players 5 on each side.


You can choose between 5 character classes divided into:


So far there will be 3 different choices of each class.






Each character has 3 unique spells.

At the base there is an NPC that sells runes, and you can buy them to help kill the enemy team.

The game lasts for 20 minutes.
1~3 minutes you have monsters.
within 3 minutes the first dragon is born.(A/B)
After 6 minutes the second dragon is born. (A/B)
In 9 minutes the third dragon is born. (Center)
Creature haves stop after 15 minutes of starting.
With 18 minutes of departure the protective towers disappear, and then you will have 2 minutes to finish the enemy team, this allows the chance of the team to lose even with less frags if you have a good strategy. If no one kills the enemy team's nexus, with 20 minutes the match ends and whoever has more frags in the game will win.
Inside the field the character does not die.
It will not be possible to attack members of the same team.
He has to wait 10 seconds to return to the match after dying.

Regarding the items, they will not have exclusives and can be used by any character.

The team that loses the match will win the Box Losers
You will gain XP and fragments. (smaller amount)

The team that wins the match will win the Box Winners
You will gain XP and fragments (larger amount)

With fragments it will be possible to improve your items.

So now I'm on the part of creating the spells, and also the runes that will be used as this will be a part that should be well balanced so that it doesn't disproportionate to the game.
I would like ideas and suggestions to continue the project!


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Mar 10, 2012
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Sounds cool and would ofc test it out =) In my opinion it should be based of 7.4 pvp system, because the auto-aim kinda ruins the experiance I guess? =)

Ofc it could be like normal attack is auto aim (wands), and some attack could be field runes like GFB, but for more dmg attack it should be like oldschool sd, aim to hit =)


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Jul 16, 2016
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Sounds cool, this gave me a whole new Idea of a "League of Legends" based server.
Let me go free with my mind here.

Let's say that you we're to recreate League into Tibia.

There's alot that has to do with this.

  • Create a League of legends map
  • Don't use ladders etc. use one floor ONLY for the map, things like TP & ladders will destroy the gameplay
  • Create A few different "champs", let's not keep to the original game style here.
  • Mages, archers, knights/Tanks, you get it. It needs to come with abilities tho
  • Don't go overboard and lazy on the gameplay style, it has to be remade
  • Add in 20 items for each class as a start
  • Add in a waiting lobby where you have depots, houses etc. cus people LOVES those things. Needs to be nice made.
  • Skip the dragons, add it in later, it needs to be balanced first. Adding in OP buffs is just breaking the game
  • Add new sprites
  • got lots of more ideas for it but this took me a second

  • Don't add TP rooms where players can leave the original map, it destroys it all inc. Can be used for "Trollers"
  • Allow "Back TP + healup"
  • Play around with Speed + speed items inc. Add "Level to 18, you don't really need more"
  • Make minions come in waves, not pre-spawned, that'll de-attract alot of people inc myself
  • Create Baron alike mob + the buff for minions while being near them etc.

Try to come up with different names + item ideas etc. Remember, Riot sued Mobile Legends due to copying their game