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Some Sprites for the Community~


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Dec 24, 2020
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As my team is quickly adding multiple new assets on a weekly basis, there's a bunch of it that is not useable for lack of fitting our style/vibes/theme.

So instead of just sitting around collecting dust, I'd like to release them for others to use or work with/learn on! FOR THE RECORD, there are multiple authors behind these (unfortunately none that I are here) but all of which were acquired legally (bought by Madara (Dan Gro), and we just would like to contribute a bit more to the people here who want to explore more than just CiP sprites.

No spam, no catch, will drop more eventually.


archer-showoff.pngbesta.pnggnome.pnggnomo.pngzumbi.pngesqueletos itens.pngurso itens.pngmesacadeira.png