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@ Sprites/LORE. Job offer.


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Nov 21, 2007
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Stockholm, Sweden
Hello again! Not long time ago I created a thread. Sorry for spam, but since I couldn't find the option where to edit my thread.
Here I am again!

The project that I just started or well.. (it was first started 2003 or at least in my mind also that were when my first OT was hosted.)
Has taken big steps in just a few days! Kind of a dream coming true and that I am having this chance to create something is amazing.

I am looking for one or two lore creators. I am looking for someone who is eager to make a story of a life time. I have a general idea what the lore should be based upon.

The first task would be to name all npcs and create each unique story about them. Even create a family tree for them and connect the dots.
With taking few things in consideration. We gonna use very famous books and stories as help.

I am not promising that we are going to succeed, but this has been in my mind forever. So what I can promise is that I do everything I CAN do to make it happend.
Keep in mind this is a very serious project! We have the means, in-game knowledge and the money to do it.

Also I need more sprites, I already have few "job to job hires" but looking for someone who wanna create sprites as a member for our team.
It is very important for me that he cemestry works out between everyone in our group.

If you are interested give me a message on Discord!