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Storage Teleport System


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Dec 31, 2012
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I am developing a Sv 12.51 TFS 1.3

I want to make a system to facilitate the FARM of Bosses. I'm going to make a Room With Teleports straight to the bosses, so that the Player doesn't waste time going there. But it will work as follows, for the Players to release the TP access (From the Teleport room) that leads to the Boss Lever room he will need to have already killed the Boss at least 1x. So I need to include a Storage to be won when Killing the Boss (For example it can be King Zelos). The player goes to Kill King Zelos and gets a Storage that frees him to Use the Portal of this teleport room to go straight to King Zelos, aa And the Portal also needs to check if the Boss has given the Time, for the Player don't go there until then. (So in case he needs to check if he already has the storage, if he does, he checks if he has already given the time, if he has given the time, he teleports to the lever room to enter the boss.) If he does not have the storage he returns the message "You can't use this portal yet!", if you haven't given the Time "You haven't given the Time to challenge the Boss again!".

And if possible teach me how to include Storage when killing the boss lol. (If it doesn't go well, I'll do it when I get home, I'm at work)

Can someone please create for me?