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Stripe to Gesior

I will check it out! thanks!
One thing about config ex.:
$stripe_payments = [
        'money_amount' => '10.00',
        'money_currency' => 'EUR',
        'premium_points' => 50,
        'name' => '50 premium points on Your OTS',
        'price_id' => 'price_XXX123',
        'money_amount' => '20.00',
        'money_currency' => 'EUR',
        'premium_points' => 100,
        'name' => '100 premium points on Your OTS',
        'price_id' => 'price_YYY123',
You set there price_id, not product_id.
Price ID in panel is here:

If you have chargebacks, Stripe is worse than PayPal.
On PayPal they ban you, but you will get your money (not chargebacked within 180 days) after 180 days.
On Stripe they delete account without warning and refund all money you received. ALL, not only transactions with chargebacks!
You can wake up one day and your Stripe account balance will be -300 EUR. They refund all by their own decision, but you still have to pay transaction fee!
It's not working for me, maybe I installed it wrong but I still need direct help if anyone is interested. Payment is made but no points are delivered, no webhook errors in stripe