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  1. Daemonium

    Windows How to allow connection on web page and server using xampp?

    I'm really lost here. I can't even connect from my local network. Gesior 1.0.3 TFS 0.3.6 What setup should I use normaly? server config? firewall rules? xampp config?
  2. Daemonium

    Problem installing gesior 1.0 3

    USING: Gesior: Version 1.0.3 for TFS 0.3.6 and TFS 0.4 up to revision 3702 PHP: 7.4.8 PROBLEM: Many tables do not create in mysql when using the install.php. STEP 3 Add tables and columns to DB Installer try to add new tables and columns to database. Could not add column key to table...
  3. sidekoolz

    Gesior menus

    https://prnt.sc/tq2ztw Does anyone know how to start with these closed menus, and when someone clicks on one, close the previous one? Thanks!
  4. A

    error with character.php

    I have a problem seeing the characters on my website, it is tfs 1.2 A friend told me that there is probably a table missing in sql but we don't know more about it video annex, I hope you can help me, thanks this video
  5. Soul Jocker

    Hiring WebMaster

    Hello! I'm hiring a webmaster to make some changes in my Gesior site. I need to change a lot of things, functional and visual and I can pay for each job.
  6. platano

    AAC PHP issues using Gesior [TFS 1.3] [Gesior]

    Currently using TFS 1.3 Tibia Client Version: 10.00 and 12.30 Im really new to PHP can anyone please tell my why is this page trying to get parameters out of REQUEST when it's supposed to get them out of a form? I have no idea what I said but let me try to dive into details. Notice...
  7. D

    GESIOR syntax error SET ADMIN ACC

    STEP 5 Set Admin Account Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in C:\xampp\htdocs\system\load.compat.php on line 227 LINE 227: $config['status'] = []; <?php if(!defined('INITIALIZED')) exit; // DEFINE VARIABLES FOR SCRIPTS AND LAYOUTS (no more notices 'undefinied variable'!)...
  8. N

    Thread with this ID does not exits.

    en - Whenever I post a news on lastnews.php nothing happens, and if I try to post on forum.php it returns me a page written just that, "Thread with this ID does not exits." pt - Sempre que vou posta uma news no lastnews.php nada acontece, e se eu tento postar pelo forum.php me retorna uma pagina...
  9. diakosz3456

    Gesior Acc 2012 TOP Table

    Hey, can someone help me with this? I need to add TOP 10 players on my page, but look please whats wrong I paste this code to layout.php <div id="Themebox"> <div id="NewcomerBox" class="Themebox" style="background-image:url(<?PHP echo $layout_name...
  10. diakosz3456

    ACC Gesior add scale

    Hello, can someone help me with add a scacle something like Community/News/Forum on right side with Top Players. And under this scale ten highest levels. i dont know how to do that. Can someone give me code and tell me where paste this. Thanks tfs 1.2
  11. Adorius Black

    Shop problem

    Hi. I have 2 problems with shop system. The OTX Server Global - Version: (3.10) - 2 weeks ago I didnt have these problems and from tihs time I didnt touch these scripts. But in these two weeks I did a lot changes so i dont know where is problem hiding. 1.) When I order more same items on...
  12. E

    Help in Market PHP system

    Hello everyone, i want a help in this code, i want to put a search box for filter items by name, anyone know how i can do this? This is a market PHP, when the players use a talkaction and send a item for db, and at this site they can see the offer id and buy in-game. sorry for my bad english...
  13. Adorius Black

    [Gesior2012] addons.php

    Hope will be useful for somebody 🖥 Installation: 🖥 1. Download all files 2. Put folders (Addons and Items) inside your gesior root images folder C:\xampp\htdocs\images\ 3. Put addons.php inside your gesior pages folder C:\xampp\htdocs\pages\ 4. Put code below into layouts.php...
  14. Adorius Black

    [Gesior2012] BlackFun Layout

    Hello. I would like to present you little bit edited Tibia Layout.
  15. jo31

    Hello guys! Problems with Gesior AAC for TFS 1.3

    Hello guys! I have been getting Problems with Gesior AAC for TFS 1.3. We recently installed Gesior AAC for TFS 1.3 and we got error when you visit the site it says "Error 500 http" and in the log file Apache it says "account.php Line 33"
  16. Grillo1995

    Page guild error Gesior

    Hello, when I try to ask for a guild in war the screen goes white with the error 500 in nginx! This page is not working. Motor.com is unable to meet this request at this time. HTTP ERROR 500 I think there must be some table missing from the database, could you help me? I'll leave here the...
  17. S

    Gesior2012 - If is in WAR, can't delete guild.

    Hi guys! Someone with more experience in php can help me with this? I am trying to make players who are at war cannot delete the guild or leave it until war is finished. But without success. Im using Gesior2012 and here is my part of guilds.php: Delete Guild: if($action == 'deleteguild') {...
  18. R

    Gesior ACC 2012 TFS 1.0 Outfit TOP 5 - PROBLEM

    Please close a thread...
  19. M

    Gesior for tfs 1.2 problems

    So i've just changed from Znote's ACC to try out Gesiors ACC But when i activate "shop" in config i get these errors shopsystem.php Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in C:\xampp\htdocs\pages\shopsystem.php on line 98 Warning: count()...
  20. ROKI721

    [TFS1.2] Cannot Create account in Gesior AAC

    Hello, i have a problem its nice problem... I cannot create account in Gesior AAC and using TFS 1.2 or other.. I click register -> enter name/pass etc. Click register and look in database and not see my new account. My english is bad or very easy, sorry. This is five screens: