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  1. J

    Problem with Accountmangament

    Hello Guys I have Problem with gesior When I open Page accountmangament I have error like this ,can somebody Help me?please accountmangament script
  2. Petrus69


    When a player has a black skull and gets killed, it automatically removes the black skull. How can I do that? I have tried using: How can I fix it so that it doesn't get removed? Skull system by rookgaard · Pull Request #3385 · otland/forgottenserver...
  3. Petrus69

    Using Things Opening OTHIRE LAGS

    When I walk and open my backpack, the character stops I don't know in which source file to precisely set it? :
  4. Error 502

    AAC [Myacc] season rank based on highscores .html.twig

    https://otland.net/threads/create-season-rank-based-on-highscores.282083/ Hello, I don't know much about the format .html.twig , I come to ask for help I try to change .php to .html.twig why not use .php? because if i do it from php , it orders it above www\system\pages\characters.php...
  5. 4Marsupilami

    Webdesign [GESIOR] Retronia layout

    I present my new layout designed especially for the Retronia.
  6. mewses

    Gesior AAC 2012 undefined array

    TFS: https://otland.net/threads/8-60-8-00-7-72-clean-tfs-1-5-downport.277347/#post-2678297 Gesior AAC 2012 (master branch) GitHub - gesior/Gesior2012: Gesior 2012 - Account Maker [website] for OTSes, account maker you can find in BRANCHES. Select 'branch'. (https://github.com/gesior/Gesior2012)...
  7. 4Marsupilami

    Webdesign [GESIOR] Aldera layout

    I present my newest beautiful and tasty layout called Aldera. The server status orb has an animation that appears to be gently floating.
  8. 4Marsupilami

    Webdesign [GESIOR] Lunara layout

    I present my newest beautiful and tasty layout called Lunara.
  9. potinho

    AAC Monster of the day - Image on default Page (Gesior 2012)

    Hello guys, I have a script who set a monster as "Monster of the day", and have a script to boost monster EXP. I want to set up (automatic) monster's image on my Gesior2012 layout, someone can help me? This is the globalevent to set monster of day function onStartup() local BOOSTED_MONSTER =...
  10. LuizGaming

    Gęsior 2012

    Hi team! i creating my own engine from scratch. I will use gesior for this project, but i can't find encryption. I need to change from sha1 to bcrypt. Where I can find this?
  11. Galatea

    [GESIOR] Green Wizard Theme

    I present my newest layout called green wizard. XenovskI#1337
  12. potinho

    AAC Character Trade Page - Cooldown between actions

    Hello everyone, everything good? I'm using @Gesior.pl system for selling characters and I wanted some help: add a 2-day cooldown as soon as the char is put up for sale (if placed, you can't remove the offer in at least two days) and if you take it off the market, you can't put it back up for...
  13. potinho

    AAC [GESIOR 2012] Spells Page who read information from spells.xml

    I would like a spell page for Gesior 2012 that could read the contents of Spells.xml. I tried the solution in the topic below but the page is not shown to me, only the headers. No errors generated in the apache log. https://otland.net/threads/spells-php.253897/post-2463001 aa
  14. potinho

    AAC [Gesior 2012] Cooldown between leave guild and enter in a new one

    Hello everyone, everything good? I have a War system on my server and my guilds are managed by AAC, but the player can log out and in instantly. I would like to add a cooldown on these actions. It's possible? Can you help me?
  15. 4Marsupilami

    Webdesign [GESIOR] White Paladin layout

    I present my newest beautiful and tasty layout called White Paladin. Live animation: https://i.ibb.co/7zXKxvP/screen-capture.gif
  16. N

    Gesior - login.php - Client 12.90 - Boosted

    Hello, does anyone have the login.php for gesior that appears the boosted monster after opening the 12.90 client? I currently use this one: Gesior2012/ws_login.php at master · gesior/Gesior2012 (https://github.com/gesior/Gesior2012/blob/master/pages/ws_login.php) And the monster only appears in...
  17. 4Marsupilami

    Webdesign [GESIOR] Venore-War layout

    I present my new layout designed especially for the Venore-War.
  18. 4Marsupilami

    Webdesign [GESIOR] EranaOT layout

    I present my new layout designed especially for the EranaOT.
  19. potinho

    AAC Gesior 2012 - Openning all submenu tabs

    Hello everyone, everything good? I use Gesior 2012 and I noticed a strange behavior: when I select some menus in the left tab, when I click all the menus are opened. Is there a way to keep only the menu I've chosen open? I looked for a few things, I saw that it may be linked to initialize.js...
  20. potinho

    AAC Gesior 2012 - Houses Page dont show Towns

    Hi guys, good afternoon. I use Gesior 2012 and I changed my houses page, but I found a bug: Cities don't appear and I can't filter by owner, name or size. Could you help me to fix it?