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[SWE/FRA] Sparroh World | 10.98 | Full Custom Map | PvP & PvE | 24/7 UpTime

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Jul 28, 2023
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Hello and Welcome To Sparroh World!
(this is no advertising for players, its for creation of the server)


This server is under development.

Skärmbild 2023-08-16 002848.png_________________________________________________________________________

This is a project worth spending time on, the goal for this server is to make a huge custom open-world map, with new cities/town/areas and enviorments to explore, one enviorment created and made by the help and assistance of players themselves. - this is a server formed by the players to make it perfect.

Also there will be hundreds of custom made quests, events, dungeons, bosses, creatures, mysteries, puzzles and much more

The vision is great and its in motion, all i need now is YOU to help me complete my mission!

- you will find all the info you need on discord -

Client: 10.98
Host location: France
Onlinetime: 99.99%
Exp Rate: x2
Skill Rate: x1.5
Drop Rate: x2
Account Creation: SparrohWorld/Account
Discord: SparrohWorld/Discord

IMPORTANT: The server is very new, only a couple of days old. and the server/world is not even close to be finished yet. Many updates during everyday and ALOT of changes everyday. This is available on the server now:
One city (the city is also under construction)
Basic vendors in the city (save valuebles in depot until NPCs / Shops etc is fixed)
Huntingareas to about level 70-100. (new areas every day)

What is comming very soon?

Quests / Missions

i know, all games need those. and im making ALOT of them!

More Vendors / Shops / Depots
For now there are just basic vendors in the city for low level items.

Items like premiumscroll, xp-tokens, gender-change etc.

Huntingspots and Bosses
Can never have too many of those.

An NPC that can give you slayer missions or collecter mission

For minimum 2 players or max 4 players

For 4 or 8-players

Arena Ranked/Casual
Will award Arena-Points
Arenas for 1v1,2v2, 3v3, 4v4

- Battlegrounds
Will award Battleground-Points
Arenas for 4v4, 8v8, 12v12

Gear to use in PvP. higher playerdmg defence and attack

Events and Contests
The idea is to have 1 event every weekend. such as double exp or a fun activity for reward.

And much more!

What can i do to make this server better?

Update: 2023-08-16
  • Discord server is now fully fixed and ready. Nitro-boosted, better quality for the community.
  • NPC script finished and will be launched sometime after 00.00 tomorrow, yes. Vendor for selling creature products etc. will be available.
  • One (soon two) more hunting spots ready aswell.

Thanks once again HalfAway for making this possible!


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Latest serverupdate:

  • Addon NPC is now available, still have some buggs to fix, then good to go, but some addons are flawless, so try them out!
  • More areas for hunting are added into the map.
  • More world-chests
  • Bosses are tested, needs to be a bit more balanced, then good to go.
  • More catchable mounts.
  • More items into shopkeepers are now buy/sellable
  • Teleports are added during BETA for everyone to get fast travel here and there, will be restricted for premium-players when the server releases official (teleports to bosses aswell, only 1st boss are balanced, 2 and 3 needs to be fixed, will be announced)
  • Charms are now buyable in Landor City. ask around the shopkeepers and see who sells them.
  • items for catching mounts are buyable, ask around shopkeepers and see who sells them.
  • Webshop is visible on website, but is not activated. will be adjusted a bit more and activated when official server releases.
  • Daily reward chest is now working, rewards will be adjusted. You can find it in Landor City Depot.
  • Ross (NPC) - Landor City guide. say "hi" to him and he will give you directions around Landor City.

Lastest mapupdate. starting to look like something.

  • 4x new contects to discover.
  • Each contect contains 3-5 areas to explore with different creatures to hunt and mysteries to find!
  • Minor and bigger mapbugs have been fixed
- Bookshells in churs (Landor City)
- Blood Goblet is now fixed
- "Invisible" tiles / unwalkable tiles in Landor City is now fixed
- Stair's around the world is mostly fixed. (might have missed one or two)
- Mountainwalls around Lanidar Forest / Messorem Templum Passage is now fixed
- Creatures around the world are now more balanced for players.

Anyone have any tips on enviroments to add into this map, please do tell.

Update: 2023-08-28

  • Shopkeepers in Landor City has their own shops now and are located all around the city, its for you to discover.
  • Addoner-NPC is now fixed, all items this NPC asks from you is adjusted after whats able to get and all is working properly.
  • All Outfits are is now granted to premium accounts, everyone are given premium account during this beta-version and will keep it for life after official release.
  • Expertise-doors are mostly removed around the world.
  • New Items are added into the game.
  • Bosses now has low dropchance on very good items, it can be weapons, equipment, taming-items, valuables or anything.´at all. Grind to get everything!
  • Daily-Quest Chest is now adjusted and is now working properly. (but its not activated).
  • Portals and doors around the world are by majority fixed
  • Two New Citys will be opened this week.
New Areas:

- Lanidar Forest
- Twin Orc Keep
- The Axeorcist (boss)
- Orcus The Curel (boss)
- Ra Mort
-Dharalion (boss)
- Kashmi'r Desert
- Sandstone Isle
- Blood Priest Chambers (boss)
- Fenroc
- The Evil Eye (boss)
- Western Swamps
  • Ikaras (under construction, its the western island on the map)
  • Icestrom Peaks
  • Evergreen Forest

- Apaka
- Hairman The Giant (boss)
- Hydraspawn, southern Evergreen Forest
- Hael (under construction, its the eastern island on the map)

Latest mapupdate: (no names out this time tho, will maybe fix later or on next mapupdate)

Client is now available for download , you don't have to use the IP-changer anymore.

Follow this link for download - here

Beta-Patch 1.3 released - new content, wiki and client. - read the latest news! - here
If you have already website built up, running an open beta. You are ready to step to the server gala. Asking people to download your client is not a discussion level thread about content but direct advertisement oriented. For this reason I am closing your thread. Furthermore, you will find more viewers from players in that board rather posting here.
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