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  1. E

    Help and support with new server

    Hi, I've been reading most of the threads here and I understand the difficulties to host one. I downloaded a TFS server and got it running and people can log in to it. But I got a big problem with NPC's and Monsters. My search on internet has given me some answers, but some tutorials is a...
  2. Skipje

    [The Netherlands] [Custom / 10.98] Elthia | 25 Starts January AT 20:00 CET

    ELTHIA STARTS AT [25-01-2020] 20:00 CET! Create an account here: Elthia - Create Account IP : Elthia.net Port: 7171 world type: PVP Elthia RPG: Elthia RPG is a full custom map server from the former Masterworld RPG team(since 2006). We have updated and converted the old Masterworld...
  3. Udun

    Item Editor 10.98

    Hello friends, today I want to share my item editor that works with 10.98 I was seaching as crazy the last two days whitout success until I was able to solve the problem, this is for all who need this tool as me. Enjoy,
  4. Udun

    Windows Objet Builder problem with version 10.98

    Hello friends, I have a problem with the Objet Builder 0.4.5, I want to edit the dat/spr from 10.98 but the program only supports until 10.56. Reading across the forum I saw that a way to make this work is putting this: <version value="1098" string="10.98" dat="42A3" spr="57BBD603"...
  5. OG

    OG's Mapping [10.98]

  6. Salvus

    [Sweden] [10.98] Lunifera -- Evolera Map

    We will start Lunifera 10.98 BETA. Just to see what players want to change and if we can found any bugs. Basic information about Lunifera: Client: 10.98 Port: 7171 What kind of server is Lunifera? Lunifera is a high exp server where the focus mostly lays on PVP. Of course, there are...
  7. tejdi

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.2, 10.98 - a lot of bugs from /data/

    Hello! I've downloaded the TFS 1.2 compiled (I can not do this alone lol) and combined this with /data/ from otland's GitHub. Unfortunately, I've received a lot of bugs in the console, so it looks like incompatible files. Could anyone just upload clean TFS 1.2 for 10.98 without bugs and with...
  8. Yalasari

    OTClient Unable to create item with invalid id

    Hello, While trying to add new item to server I encountered a problem, and after 2 days i don't have idea how to fix it: Everything on server side is ok, i think because console doesn't show any errors Here's how everything is set up: items.otb: .SPR and .DAT files We are using 10.98...
  9. Togu

    What's the goal of OTLand with OTClient?

    We know that the otland/otclient repository was created because the edubart/otclient repository was out of maintainers. But we also know that the way OTClient was developed it's almost impossible to fix all issues to all protocols. So... what's the goal with this repository? Make a generic...
  10. gicu0770

    [OTClient][10.98] TFS 1.3 and OTC Latest Compiling l OTC with more titles and transparent panels.

    Hi im GICU Hello like theme. WARNING I not helping with config server or compiling. Screen: OTC Download(without .SPR .DAT) compilation VS 17 realse: OTC 10.98 Server + Source TFS 1.3 (compilation debian 8): TFS 1.3 server + source Compiling link tutorial: Compiling on Debian GNU Linux...
  11. Klonera

    [10.98] Requested Real Map Datapack

    Hello, A like and a comment is allways appreciated OBS: I do not take any credits for this exept for what i've done myself. Can't remember from where i found this, alot of bugs are fixed This datapack is connected with this --> 10.98 Real Map (https://otland.net/threads/10-98-real-map.262438/)...
  12. Klonera

    10.98 Real Map

    Hello, I just went thru my files and found an old project of mine, one of them contained a real map 10.98 which i've thought i lost over time. The map contains an custom made island which i made back in the days, i also fixed alot of issues on this map and a datapack is avalible and can be...
  13. kor

    [Poland][10.98 + Android] Rookgaard - Xyla

    Hello. After 2 years from the start of the server in version 8.60, the time has come for the next world, this time in version 10.98. The original assumptions have not changed - it will still be a server without vocation, for players who have discovered the greatest charm of this game on...
  14. gicu0770

    [Poland][10.98] Raxandor RPG Custom BETA Official Soon!

    Server Information: 10.98 highrate custom map with teleports Website: Latestnews - Raxandor :: Open Tibia Server Worldtype: PvP-Enforced with Skulls (unjust system) Raxandor client: Raxandor Client v1.0 BEST.rar General Information Unique 8 Classes with 16 Sub-Classes! More Info here: Classes...
  15. delita123

    Webdesigner Looking for Mythological Template

    Hey, i looking for anyone to develop a website using Znote/MyAcc for my server based in greek mythology.] I do not want anything too sophisticated, just functional and beautiful. Maybe you having some template ready for sale, I could even buy it or something. PM me in Otland or Discord...
  16. struzck

    [ITALY][10.98] HESPERIA WAR OPEN ALPHA (RL-based war custon server)

    Hello everyone, I am releasing tomorrow (October 21th) at 12:00 CEST the open Alpha version of my first OTS project, Hesperia War (website: http://hesperia.ml). Hesperia is a war server based on old WarOts with Tibia RL locations adapted to war environment. The server is still under...
  17. delita123

    Mapper Greek city 10.98 [PAID JOB]

    Hey guys, I’m looking for mapper to make a city based on old grecia, for my project of greek mythologic. I work with sprites from tibia 10/10.98 and my server going to have teleport’s to hunt. Basically, I need a city with a few houses, 1 boat and 1 exit, a temple and a teleports room. Image...
  18. Jeaux

    [USA] [10.98] [Jomera]

    I decided to pick this back up purely as a hobby and only as of recently got everything running. I haven't hosted an OT in over a decade so I'm learning as I go with everything. I use a spare i7 computer with 12gbs of RAM to host the server which runs 24/7 or until it crashes which it randomly...
  19. namco

    [10.98] Frost Troll & his Puppy's cave

    Enjoy! <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------> <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
  20. M

    Have a problem with the rewards chest

    I dont have a nice english so I would try... I tried to do this tutorial in my 10.98 ot server Feature - Reward Chest & Boss Reward [TFS 1.2] but it keeps failing it says "you need to wait X seconds before using the chest again" and when u click it it closes when u kill a boss it keeps...