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[Sweden] [8.6] [High EXP] Amiroslo OTS || Starts: 30-12-2022 18.00 CET

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Server Port
Client Protocol
*Server update *
  • All the quests in the first floor can be completed across starter vocations and the Ninja vocation. This will allows you to do these quests as a fighter (for example), and when you advance to the ninja vocation, you can do those quests once more! With this new system in place, you can assist others by giving them the items from the quests you do not currently need, and you'll also have the opportunity to do these quests later on your Ninja vocation for you to use those items if you need them
  • Fixed 2 wrong answer to a question in the reborn npc
  • Added utani hur to the new vocations
  • Added a name to a missing item
  • ReadMe in Temple now has the Discord link for people to find this server
  • Removed the Addoner npc from shops [It was supposed to be only in VIP]
  • Fixed some typos in some quest blackboards
  • Changed one of the questions in the Addon doll quest to make it a bit easier
  • Fixed some house walls not being part of the house
  • Some map bug fixes and small updates for better QOL
  • Hookshot quest working now
  • Fixed a wrong spelling in the Reborn NPC questions
  • Changed a to an for the proper vowels in the Reborn NPC questions
  • There will be no major updates in July, just bug fixes that require immediate attention. Enjoy your summers
  • Fixed multiple wrong answers in the Reborn NPC questions
  • Guardian SD quest now gives the item
  • Exani hur and Exani Tera can now be used by all vocations
  • All monster doubled in HP [Will monitor this change and adjust accordingly]
  • All monsters have a slight damage increase [Will monitor this change and adjust accordingly]
  • Small effect fix to Magician0
  • Added level effects above each monster teleporter in first floor
  • Added 4 new monsters in the 150+ reborn area
  • Revamped Tarantula
  • Revamped Undead gladiator
  • Revamped Ice witch
  • Revamped Hellhound
  • Revamped The Plasmother
  • Revamped south east of Main city
Server updated

  • Tutorial Island. New players start there to learn the basics of the game and get their first reborn before starting
  • 50% XP Boost on Saturday & Sunday!
  • Better Ad protection
  • You can now change 100 Gold Nuggets to 1 Gold Ingot
  • Added Premium Token exchanger NPC in quest room. You can still just right click the 100 to convert them. But new players may not be aware of that

  • New Temple
  • Some monsters have faster decay no to avoid lag [Penguin & Body corpses]
  • Removed the bigfoot event
  • Reborn 65 quest now require 3 people to be present instead of 4
  • XP Boost changed from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. Price from 1x to 3x
  • Super XP Boost changed from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. Price from 2x to 6x
  • Added 4 more Amiroslo's in Reb 65+ Quest
  • Temple Scroll will TP you even in a fight, but not if you have a White skull
  • XP increase in the below reborn range:
[0] = 7500000x to 10000000x
[1-10] = 5000000x to 7500000x
[11, 49] = 2500000x to 5000000x
[100, 149] = 500000x to 750000x
[150, 200] = 250000x to 500000x

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where you were able to use unique scroll and Temple scroll even in fights/white skull
  • Fixed rune boost description to reflect correct prices
  • Added text to the blackboard in 150+ reborns
some bug fixes:
  • Fixed the quest door for Guardian Book & Sword
  • Any vocation higher than Ninja can now enter Ninja doors
  • Ninja can use Donation Sword now
  • Fixed a typo on the wiki