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[Sweden] [8.6] [High EXP] Amiroslo OTS || Starts: 30-12-2022 18.00 CET

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Jul 28, 2009
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Greetings, OTLanders 👋
Bringing back one of the popular, insanely high-level servers!
If you used to play on servers like ForgottenL, SpiderOT, Flammingvets, Fruitloop, etc. 10+ years ago, you would absolutely love this.

More than ten years ago, I used to build such servers, and I've chosen to do them again for people who love them as much as I do.

Server Information:

IP: amirots.com
Port: 7171
Hosted in: Sweden
Uptime: 24/7 (except when update)
Website: amirots.com
Wikipedia: wiki.amirots.com

We have a lot of unique features going on, so I'll only highlight a handful and leave the rest up to you to discover when you play!


Unique reborn / XP:
Reborns are quite important on this server. Once you've attained level 717217, you can reborn; after doing so, your level will reset but your mana and health won't. This will enable you to gradually become stronger. The cool thing is that the more reborns you have, the more damage your spells will deal and the more healing your runes will provide. Our XP system is also based on your reborns and not your levels.
You can enter locations that are restricted to certain reborn levels if. Along with your own reborns, other players' reborns can be seen in-game.
The fun never ends because once you reach the maximum number of reborns, you will then unlock a new vocation that will unlock even more fun.

Premium tokens: [More info here]
In short, this means that every donation item is available for purchase at no cost.
All you have to do is play if you can't support the server and buy donation goodies but still really want the items.
Bosses can drop tokens as loot, as can quests, reborns, and other activities.

Custom vocations:

Wizard: Has a tiny bit more health and a little bit less mana than a magician. hits well, excellent for both.

Ranger: Good mana and health, effective for PK.


Magician: More mana, less health than all other vocations. Hits well, good for blocking monster quests.


Fighter: More health than all other vocations, less mana. Really good hits, good to block monsters in quests.


Unique PVP/PVE system:
With this mechanism in place, we've set unique damage for PVP and PVE. This will make PVP/PVE more enjoyable and balanced.

Boost Runes: [More info here]
Introducing Boosts. Items that can be awarded from quests, each boost has unlimited uses, so make sure you don't throw them away.

• Standard Attack Boost & Standard Defence Boost
• HP Boost & MP Boost
• XP Boost
• Restore Rune


We have over 100 custom-crafted spells and a large collection of runes, and our spells are made differently for each vocation.
As well as: Autoloot, Unlimited Utamo Vita, Casino, Tasks, Pets, Marriage, Economy, Hidden outfits and more.

There is so much to say, but if I go on I'll need numerous posts, so I'll stop here and let you discover the server on your own.
Visit our Wikipedia if you ever need clarification or simply want to learn more about what it has to offer.

I'd also like to thank all those people who helped:
@TKO , @Marionettist , @fla5h , @gpedro , @Rexxar , @Shadow_ , @Shalaby , NatalaOT and others.

PS. It is important you go through our Wiki to have a general idea of what the server offers!

🎁 On New Year we will be doing Double XP and giveaway free stuff! 🎉
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All the days and nights you dedicated for this. So happy to see that your server is finally turning on! Great job!
And thanks for the shout out. Always here to help you out with whatever I can.
All the days and nights you dedicated for this. So happy to see that your server is finally turning on! Great job!
And thanks for the shout out. Always here to help you out with whatever I can.
Thank you friend, means a lot.

I have also added a countdown to the website, you can now create an account until the launch!
This server is an excellent choice for those looking to relax and have fun. It offers a break from the high-stress low rate servers, and provides a stable and smooth gameplay experience. In addition, it's highly recommended due to its reliability and enjoyable atmosphere. Whether you're looking to kick back or just need a break from the daily grind, this server is a great option.
Thank you guys!

Small changes to VIP (Suggested by Noxi):

- VIP purchase will be disabled for the first 1-2 weeks, this way no one has an advantage of leveling up faster when the server starts

- More VIP perks coming soon, feel free to suggest some as well!
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And another copy/paste server.
Sorry what? The server is not even up..
Could you elaborate further? How is this a copy paste server?

80% or more of the server is custom made by me and other contributors, the rest is resources used from Opentibia forums and mostly modified to suit the servers environment.

Here are several examples:
The map in its entirety is created by me, @fla5h as well as @Marionettist.
I created all of the spells (about 100+).
90% of the scripts are written by me with the help of others such as Rexxar, GPedro, Cyckotitan, Shadows, Shalaby, and many others.

The source has been individually altered to meet our requirements.
All of the creatures' HP/XP/Damage/Loot and so on have been rebalanced.

I can keep going if you want.
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I have too lag to play this server, but so far was good.
Probably because you’re far away (In Mexico according to OTLand) from the host (Sweden/Europe). I also recommend you use our OTC from the download page if youre using CIP client. Might boost the performance and make the lag less

We received a lot of great feedback and bug reports from our players in the last two days of our release!

Here is everything we have done so far since the launch:
  • Added reborn NPC effect text on temple stair [QOL]
  • Fixed spell8 being stronger than 9 for all vocs [Bug Fix]
  • Spawn rate is up 15x [QOL]
  • VIP disabled can be bought next Friday [Disabled on launch so people level up equally at start] [QOL]
  • VIP Perks can be found here: Amiroslo OTS (https://amirots.com/vipperks.php) [Read them before you buy VIP] [QOL]
  • New bigger gargoyle spawn [QOL]
  • BigFoot event now spawns [Update]
  • You dont lose stamina anymore [QOL]
  • Sudden Death rune now hits properly [Bug Fix]
  • All rune levels set to 100 [To allow reborns to use them right away] [QOL]
  • Fixed the white skull issue, PVP is on again [Bug Fix]
  • Runes heal a bit more now with more reborns done [Balance]
  • Fixed the stair issue in Rahemos [Bug Fix]
  • Changed all weapons stats to hit more [Update]
  • If you have 1 or more reborns, you can now enter any quest door from 100-700k without being that level [QOL]
  • Level shows now in online list on the website [QOL]
  • All reborn spells can be used at level 100 [QOL Update]
  • New quest room [QOL]
  • New spawn for paradise hacker [QOL]
  • Bigger rotworm spawn [QOL]
  • SD's do more damage now [Balance]
  • All MR/UH's heal more now [Balance]
  • You can capture evil eye now with capture rune [Bug fix]
  • Capture chances changed [Balance]
  • Rebalanced all the bosses [Balance]
  • Fixed AO Set to be stronger than Zaoan Set [Bug Fix]
  • Fixed !vo [Bug Fix]
  • Made the boxing bag (trainers) heal 3x faster to avoid them being killed [QOL]
  • New Super Man spawn in reborn5+ room [QOL]
  • 2 New spawns in reborn10+ room [QOL]
  • All sets have better attributes now and are more useful [QOL]
  • New Amirs bodyguard spawn [Revamp]
  • New Mother boss spawn [Revamp]
  • Changed the questions in the quests with questions [QOL]
  • You can now take both addon doll quest chests [Bug fix]
  • Fixed so you cant walk through people in depot/casino [Bug fix]
  • Longer TP time in VIP Trial quest [QOL]
  • Added exana res for Fighters [QOL]
  • Added exana all [QOL]
  • All bosses now heal up to 60% of their health in fight [Balance]

All of this was accomplished with the assistance of our players who helped us uncover issues and provide feedback!

Before I share the change log, I'd want to remind you that we've only been online for 6 days, yet we've accomplished so much! This patch is massive, with several bug fixes, enhancements, and QOL changes. Thank you for taking part everyone

The money we've earned so far will be used to promote the server this weekend.


  • Crusher boss room
  • Exodius boss room
  • Paradise Master boss room
  • Amiroslo boss room
  • Panda boss room
  • Turbo boss room
  • New temple
  • New quest room [Quests sorted by lowest to highest reborns now]

We have migrated to a completely different infrastructure, this means:
  • Smoother gameplay
  • Less crashes
  • Fixed the skill tab crash on 8.6 [Experience now shows level, 8.6 cant handle big numbers]
  • Removed % when healing and doing damage [Was causing some issues, but we will add something better soon]
  • You can now logout immediately if you enter a PZ (You had to wait for the in fight to go away before this)
  • Better respawns
  • Being able to attack & use rune at the same time
As well as:
  • Spawn rate 2x
  • Freeze crystal is now Reborn 50+
  • Because of how fast the XP is, we did some adjustments to reborn doors in monster second floor. Reborn 1 is now 2, Reborn 5 is now 10, and Reborn 10 is now 20
  • XP boost changed from 10% to 5%, price changed from 4GN to 2GN. This will allow us to make a new reborn quest for another XP boost that is actually 10% and 4GN
  • A lot of quest doors has been changed for higher levels
  • The way reborn 5 and 10 spells hit look a bit different now
  • Donation spell damage balanced [Was OP]
  • Evil eye damage lowered a bit
  • Starting UH/MR heal a bit more now
  • Super UH/MR heals a bit more now
  • Temple scroll time reduced to teleport from 3s to 1s
  • You can now cast Reborn10 spell even when facing a wall
  • Moved temple TP in the second floor monster room, since it was easy to run into
  • Monsters respawn even when youre there now
  • All monsters are slower
  • All players have same speed now and it doesnt change unless you wear something with speed or use haste
  • Disabled Donation set outfit for now, until we find a better way to do it

[Server Updates]:
  • Moved all VIP quests to normal quests. Renamed them and fixed the monsters inside. They are also for certain reborns now
  • new spell quest [Exevo King spell] for reborn 30
  • New Super XP Boost
  • Many more quests, go check them out
  • 3 New spawns in reborn 10+
  • New penguin spawn
  • VIP trial is now 4 days instead of 3
  • Distance levels up with stars
  • All weapons do good damage
  • All quest doors have been changed to represent a better level/reborn [If you already made the quest, congrats, perks of being early in the game]
  • Fixed rotowm and some other monsters not respawning
  • Some XP adjustments depending on your reborns
  • 2x Dicer in casino now
  • 2 New Reborn spells in form of quest. One for Reborn 20, one for Reborn 30
  • Dwarven ring now works
  • Another Rick spawn
  • All bosses now have different chances and amounts of gold nuggets to drop
  • Fixed Uber Mixed rune healing
  • Fixed Don mixed rune to heal as it should
  • Lottery bird items and how many times you can do it has been changed
  • Autoloot temporary disabled

  • Donation Spell price lowered and damage adjusted
  • Temple scroll price reduced from 20 points to 10 points
  • Adjusted some information on our wiki

  • Price of VIP is lowered BUT it is CHARACTER BASED --> The character that uses this medal gets the days, not the whole account!
This is to avoid people from creating max characters and abusing the perks

  • Made botting rules more clear upon registering and in server rules on our website
You are NOT allowed to AFK Bot. Which means leveling up or doing reborns while AFK will get you banned! Using bots to help you with healing and minor functions is okay as long as you are actually playing
Big warning from Amiroslo-ot that is on the feature server, This guy who owns it is very arrogant.
And when people is saying something negative he answering with banning from ot and from discord.
I was third highest lvl player, spended alot of time, and he start accusing me from saying things i dont say, when i tell him to send screenshot from where i said things, He cant, (even tho everything about that convo was in discord chat) so instead of saying he is wrong and apologize, He do a IP ban. so big warning!
This guy joined my server, started botting his way up, had 5 characters open on new years to get 5x VIP and 5x the rewards. He is supposedly a married man, and he blames me that his wife got angry because he chose to help me fix a bug. He is so mad and annoyed because according to him, I never thanked him once for his effort and he was not happy with his reward for the bugs. He keeps telling me the server is dead, and I am killing it because I am adjusting the server XP. He did not seem happy and was just sitting there for an hour arguing with me, telling me I bought my server. So I decided to ban him to make it easier for all of us. For an adult, and a married man, he does talk and act like a child sadly.

He will be spamming more after this post since he has been going around spamming the same message, so I wont be replying any further, just thought I would let others know.
bro post the whole convo, u banned me from discord so i cant show u the whole convo.