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[Sweden] [Custom] - Therran

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Been on this server for a few days with a friend now, enjoying the content so far!
The playerbase is very small but extremely helpful and polite.

There are bugs, but I believe the devs are working hard to solve them for the best experience.

The only thing missing is a few more players, come on - get on!
Why would anyone play it? The staff is corrupt and the server gets taken down all the time indefinitely, they said a week ago it was discontinued but now all of a sudden its up again with no players. Staff is not competent enough to run this server.
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Edit: I completely misread the launch date as 26th of February (this week) of 2022... I am very sad now lol.
Alright mate, next time you wanna beat off on stream make sure you think about your crypto gains

Also I find it funny you think any of that means anything to me, I don't play anywhere and I sure wouldn't play Medivia again. So what's the point in your flex mate?

I come here every so often in the hope one day people will do things differently, and a server would be worth the time. Yet time and time again, they fail.
Closing this thread since the server is offline and just nonsense is posted.
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