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tfs 1.3

  1. ghunalma

    Life Steal Spell Necromancer Class

    Hi guys, is my first post on this forum in many years. I need a help with my necro skill life steal. i'm making one, it's causing dmg(dot) but dont return the healing. Anyone can help me? In this case, it's causing dot dmg without calculate damage and a fix heal rate. I want to do this, causing...
  2. J

    Server Side Shaders

    Hey, I have looked for hours on this site and cant seem to find anything. I want to add shaders to my server. I use OTCv8 TFS, so 1.3, and OTCv8 Client, i know it has locally saves shaders installed in the client, but i would like to be able to add them server side so people can earn them and...
  3. Yan18

    TFS 1.X+ [TFS 1.3] Doubt in a verification inside the function combatChangeHealth from game.cpp

    Hello there I have a doubt in the following verification inside the function Game::combatChangeHealth from game.cpp: if (damage.origin != ORIGIN_NONE) { const auto& events = target->getCreatureEvents(CREATURE_EVENT_HEALTHCHANGE); if (!events.empty())...
  4. K

    Mount for TFS 1.3

    Hi everyone, I'm building an OTserver 8.60 TFS 1.3. I wonder if you could help me with the mounts part. I downloaded the complete Global server that already comes with some mount settings, but it doesn't work. Probably some error in the 'addMount' function. These are the problems that are...
  5. almirtibiaalmir

    Looking for Teambattle Event

    Hello, im looking for a teambattle event. like Blue vs red who has the most kills win if you die u respawn again something like that. If you have such a script msg me, and tell me your price. Im using tfs 1.5 nekiros downagrade 8.6. Thank you, regards Almir
  6. D

    TFS 1.3 8.6 MOUNT SYSTEM

    Hello, I'm looking to use the tfs 1.3 downgrade 8.6 mount system I already have a sprite added for testing, but when I use outfit.lookMount = ID it doesn't work. Can anyone shed some light on how to resolve this?
  7. W

    character list not appears client 12.51

    Hello well, recently after a long time putting ots 8.60 online, I decided to take a chance on the new versions, and looking at me my hd had an otg-premium 12.51 tfs 1.3 I took a risk putting it on my vps after many connection errors and a lot of struggle with gesior I managed to get both...
  8. D

    [TFS 1.3] [8.3] [SOURCE] [CONTAINER] Container Error

    Hi, I ran into a problem that I still don't know how to solve. I'm using TFS 1.3 Downgrade 8.6 Github below. https://github.com/moviebr/baiakthunder/blob/master/src/container.cpp My server crashed and when I saw the logs I came across a problem in the source in the file container.cpp line 681
  9. D


    Hello, I'm using TFS 1.3 downgrade to 8.6. I have a problem, my monsters visualize the player are walking from one side to the other and after a long time attacks the player. This happens sometimes as if he had a chance to attack the player, he keeps moving away from the player then he goes and...
  10. D


    I have a problem with the tfs 1.3 executable. I'm using Windows, this usually happens at dawn, I open the server and I go to sleep I do this to check for errors in any script, whenever I wake up and I see the executable has closed :( Is there a log file where I can see these errors? What could...
  11. alejandro762

    [Monster:onDropLoot] - Could not add loot item to corpse

    Hello, I try to understand this error, I read on the forum the onDropLoot would come from the monster.lua , having made no changes, because I am not an expert, I do not understand what causes this error, is it by lack of space in the monster when it dies, or by the option in the config.lua...
  12. G

    anti map tracker

    good morning friends from otland, does anyone know what could be done so that they cannot use the trackmap? I already tried the easiest and that is that they cannot enter the server with client 10 configuring in config.lua minimum version, but if I do that they obviously cannot enter with...
  13. L

    C++ Player Cant Push after attack

    Hello, where i can solve this? TFS 1.3 Usually a player can pull after or before attacking even during a hit. After attack is give a delay, i try this: https://otland.net/threads/bug-push-on-target-otx-3-7-tfs-1-3.261578/ game.cpp I try set delay to = 0 but it did not work
  14. pdrhtdn

    [TFS 1.3][REQUEST] Lever to fight boss with cooldown

    Hi everyone, I've been digging here and on other forums a way to add a cooldown to a lever so the player (solo or in a team of 5) that pulls it can only pull again after 20 hours. For example I've been working on Duke Krule, and I got this so far: Also, the boss should disappear if the player...
  15. Yan18

    C++ [TFFS 1.3 - Source] Error C2280 'spellBlock_t &spellBlock_t::operator =(const spellBlock_t &)'

    Hi folks! I need help with a error in the source, it is being headache 😂. I tried to figured out the problem at the internet, but I didn't understand the issue yet. The issue is: Console Error List: Error C2280 'spellBlock_t &spellBlock_t::operator =(const spellBlock_t &)': attempting to...
  16. VagosClubTM


    local rewards = { { item = 8298, count = 1, chance = 50 }, { item = 8299, count = 1, chance = 50 }, { item = 8301, count = 1, chance = 50 }, { item = 8302, count = 1, chance = 50 }, { item = 8303, count = 1, chance = 50 }, { item = 8310, count = 1, chance = 50 }, {...
  17. Raikou

    Lua Spell buff animation

    I got the following working code for a spell that buffs critical skills. My (luxury) problem is that the animation to show that the buff is active on the person, is in my eyes not the greatest. Though I can't think of another way. Is there a better way to show that the character is buffed...
  18. VagosClubTM

    RevScripts HELP TFS 1.4 SCRIPT CHEST 24HRS

    hello friends I have this script that I wish it could work in TFS 1.4, with revscript. I tried but I could not adapt it if someone could help me it would be great I will leave the base code here thank you very much in advance. local config = { items = { [1] = {2160, 1}, [2] =...
  19. VagosClubTM


    local combat = Combat() combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_HEALING) combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT, CONST_ME_MAGIC_BLUE) combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_AGGRESSIVE, 0) combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_TARGETCASTERORTOPMOST, 1) combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_DISPEL...
  20. VagosClubTM


    Hi friends, I have this mana rune script, I need it to be used in the protection zone and that it cannot be used in another user since when using it in another user it takes out a white skull as if you were attacking, it would be of great help thanks . I'll leave the code here function...