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Team The AcidsOT project is looking for a Content Editor


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Feb 14, 2008
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About the AcidsOT Project:
IP & website: AcidsOT.com

We use a custom map, I consider the project "medium/20x" exp rate (but we use stages with multiple boost plateaus), and uses protocol 8.60.
We try to create interesting and fun unique features, such as custom spells, attack behaviors, monsters and systems. Alot of this is showcased in our advertisement thread.

You can read more about AcidsOT in our advertisement thread here:

But we struggle with time and priorities to keep the website up to date, informative and engaging for new users.

About the Content Editor position:
Primary responsibility will be to maintain and publish information on our website.
Secondary responsibility will be to procure visualisations and animations to showcase our features. (Like my signature here on otland).

Tasks involve:
  • Play-test and understand our server and the mechanics/features in it
  • Create images and gifs to visualize our features in different size formats
  • Write articles/pages/tutorials about the various features
Required qualifications:
  • Good English writing skills
  • Willing to spend some time with our server to get to know it
Bonus qualifications (not required):
  • Basic knowledge of graphical design
  • Markdown language (used here on otland, GitHub, Discord) for creating and working with draft content
If you are interested in working on my team, please send me a private message. :)