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C++ The Forgotten Server 1.4.2 Upgrade to tfs 1.5


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Jul 26, 2010
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Hi, I'm wanting to use tfs 1.4.2 for a project, can someone guide me? so that it tells me which important tfs 1.5 commits I should add
I would never sell it, if I had it, it would be released for free to everyone :D if I find some free time I'll update it and release 1.4.3
It would be greatly appreciated, I only know how to do it manually, it will take me ages to do that xD
not yet, I'm on a new pc, still need to install all the required stuff in order to be able to compile and stuff, but don't worry
I hope I'm not intrusive, and I don't mean to bother either, may I ask if you've had time to take another look?