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OtLand The Official Rules for OTLand

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Although the administrators and moderators of OTLand will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this site, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author. The owners of OTLand will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

General Rules:
1. Offtopic messages:
Posting messages that have no relevance to the topic of the thread you are posting in will lead to your post being deleted. Repeated posting of offtopic messages may lead to a punishment.​
2. Spamming / Double post:
You may not repeat the same message multiple times. It is seen as spamming, and will be deleted. If you accidentally post the same content twice, report one of the duplicate posts so a moderator can delete or merge that post.​
This also applies if you for example "bump" a thread.​
3. Trolling:
Trolling is not tolerated under any circumstances. Trolls will be punished immediately.​
4. Advertising:
You are allowed to advertise your Open Tibia server only in the Server Gala board. Website advertisement, as in creating a thread with the intention to advertise another website is not allowed. You are free to link to websites in your signature though, as long as it doesn't contain content that we don't allow on OTLand.​
5. Sensitive data:
You may not share sensitive data of other users without their permission. Sensitive data includes passwords, private e-mails and IP-addresses. Posting sensitive data could lead to an instant banishment.​
6. Offensive language:
You may not post content that offends other users (such as insults, threats, racism, discrimination, or any other type of personal attack). Any personal issues you have with another user should be dealt with in private.​
7. Foreign language:
This is an English community, and you are expected to speak English on the boards. If you wish to communicate with another user in another language, you can do so through visitor, private messages or at the native chatboards.​
8. Pornographic content:
We allow users in all kind of ages in this community, and therefore it is not appropriate to post pornographic content.​
9. Dangerous content:
You may not post content that contains dangerous material. Intentionally doing so will lead to an instant banishment.​
10. Multi accounts:
The use of alternative accounts is NOT allowed for the purposes of advertising (such as commenting in your own advertising thread, creating a new account for your OTS) or commenting in threads belonging to others. It is neither allowed to use alternative accounts for ban evasion including warning evasion (when you have warnings before you get banned). Punishments for violations related to multiple accounts result in immediate permanent ban for all accounts.​
11. Commerce of resources:
It is strictly forbidden to buy or sell OpenTibia resources on OTLand. Advertising websites where you can buy or sell OpenTibia resources is not tolerated either. It is still OK to charge for hosting services, and advertising such services should be done in Jobs board.​
12. Formatting
You must use proper formatting when posting. This includes: wrapping code blocks in proper [code=LANGUAGE] tags, wrapping quotes in proper quote tag (use multi-quote if necessary). Posting screenshots of post text in order to quote it is specifically prohibited.​
13. Attachments
In order to preserve the content of all posts, it is required to use attachments for any files or images that materially contribute to the content of your post. That means using attachments for any files, screenshots or pastebins that are integral part of a post.​
When uploading attachments, make sure you reduce the size as much as possible, by excluding unnecessary files (compilation caches, etc) and compressing images.​
NOTE: Many boards have board-specific rules about attachments that are posted in sticky threads.​
Types of punishments:
1. Warning (non-recorded):
A post, visitor message, or private message by a moderator notifying you of what you did wrong. Moderators will guide you and inform you with what is the right thing to do and which rules you have broken. Possibly there will be a little addendum to inform you of an upcoming action in case you violate another rule.​
2. Warning (Recorded):
A warning is a serious type of punishment. When you receive a warning, you receive a specific amount of points with it. When you reach 3 warning points, you will automatically be banned till atleast one of the points have expired. You will be notified of a received warning through a private message. You will also find a message specified by the moderator who gave it to you. You can complain about the warning by replying to the private message and the responsible moderator will give you information about the reason you got it.​
3. Banishment:
The most serious punishment. When you receive a banishment you will be unable to view the website, exchange messages with other users or post on any board. You will be notified about the banishment reason when you try to access the website if you have been banned. The duration of a banishment may vary; from a day to a permanent banishment.​
Addendum 1:
There are no excuses for breaking the rules. It doesn't matter if you were angry at the time and weren't thinking straight. It doesn't matter if you were only kidding around. If you break a rule, it does the same damage, regardless of your reasons for breaking it, and you will be punished all the same.​
Addendum 2:
Position abuse will not be tolerated. As a staff member, our job is to help people, not harm them. We may only use our powers for the purposes that they have been given to us. Any sign of abuse should be reported to an administrator immediately.​
Addendum 3:
If you break multiple rules, the punishments will be combined. A permanent ban can be applied if it is seen neccessary.​
Addendum 4:
Harrassing moderators for one of their actions is not acceptable. Sometimes we are streched and we have to make difficult decisions. However, we are just doing our job. A punishment isn't something that should be taken personal. You can also help with rule enforcement by pressing the "Report" button whenever you find something that is problematic. You can complain for an unjustified action using the Feedback board but you may not attack the responsible moderator in a personal manner. We are all humans, we also make mistakes.​
Addendum 5:
There may be sticky threads on several boards that work as an addition to these rules. Every sticky thread containing board rules should be checked and followed.​
This concludes the rules of OTLand. In case you find a problematic post, please use the report function to notify us about it and we will take care of it as soon as possible.
If you wish to get in contact with an administrator please use this link; Contact Us | OTLand.

Please note that at any occasion OTLand reserves the right to amend the rules without giving prior notification or any reasons thereof.
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