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Tibia Classic by CipSoft - Sep 12 2023


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Feb 3, 2020
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After today's update on Sep 12 2023 (Tibia v13.21.13899), CipSoft has added a new launcher graphics to their binary, it says "Tibia Classic".
Are they simply going to call the regular Tibia (non-test server) as "Classic". Or are they going to add a classic (retro) edition of the game?
Let's see what will happen.

Edit 1: I have sent an e-mail to [email protected] asking about what this is. I'm currently waiting for a response.

Edit 2: The reverse engineering software used in the screenshot is called Ghidra.

Edit 3: Added a second image of launcher graphics.

I am assuming "Classic" is the normal Tibia. Beta and Preview is for internal use only. Test Server is public test server. But again, we will have to wait and see what CipSoft says about this.

Edit 4: Mirade has answered here: Tibia - Free Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=39419939#post39419939)

Sadly, no classic servers!


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7.x server by cipsoft would be like a birthday present. I believe one day this will happen. The same happened to runespace classic and other :)
I just e-mailed their support mail and asked, will see what they are saying. It's a weird name to call regular Tibia as "classic". Classic often (in games) implies a retro edition of the game, as opposed to the current edition.
If they are planing on launching classic game worlds, the real question for me is what version at this point counts as "classic"?

My guess would be 7.7... But it may very well be a early 8.x version as well...

Very curious as to how this plays out.
Fresh new content mapped in oldschool style by Cipsoft. Feels like a dream comes true :D
Also would bring lot of hype to oldschool ots again.
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In case anyone wonders what tool was used to view binary, it's called Ghidra.
You can just smell the corporate... "This was made not because of player wishes or genuine desire to give players something fun, but purely because they saw OSRS and saw a way to increase quarterly profits".

I wonder in what ways they will screw this up. Classic+ Subscription for more exp and skill speed anyone?
Until we get any confirmation of CipSoft, we will just have to wait and see what this "Classic" means. It might just be the new name of the non-test server client. Hopefully they reply to my e-mail today, or posts an update on Tibia.com
People that played/watched retrocores with such stupid idea of everything in shop (even with timers on better runes {you could buy sd after 1 week, 1st day was energy/fire/poison fields}) know this idea is not profitable long term and cipsoft aims at long term profit. Cipsoft will never release old tibia

Cant wait for this classic tibia 7.4 version with runes, boosts and skill weapons in shop.

Mage dream of 24/7 afk training in house on training dummy <3

That is honestly a really weird way of putting it. They claim that they have "absolutely no plans" for classic. Meanwhile the post they linked states "at this time we don't have any plans".

Also why even add this to the client now when it was made in 2016 and "for a different purpose".

Either they're scrambling around trying to cover this up in the worst way possible. Or they are a bunch of dumbasses who lazily reused old artwork they found in a folder somewhere in the office and did absolutely zero thinking about calling their game "Tibia Classic" when they've had people for literal years asking "pls make tibia classic cause this new way of playing fucking sucks".