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Treasura 8.0 Development thread REBALANCED long term x1

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Changelog #10:

  • Fixed few bugs on the map
  • Fixed adori gran required mana for rune conjuring
  • Fixed floor fading to 0ms
  • Blocked the possibility to reach NPC items in Port Hope shops
  • Fixed Backpack prices in NPCs: Ahmet, Nezil, Bezil
  • Deleted Ice, Holy & Death attributes from Might Ring
  • Added missing Fire Devil in Ornamented Shield quest
  • Added missing items in Demodras room
  • Fixed tile which delete correctly stalagmite in Ornamented Shield quest
  • Added missing quest and fixed rewards in Ornamented Shield quest
  • Fixed Mintwallin Cyclops Quest rewards
  • Fixed Mintwallin Cyclops Quest lever
  • Added missing silver key in Mintwallin Cyclops Quest
  • Deleted travel to Darama from NPC Lorek
  • Added Massive Water Elemental monster
  • Added Key 5000 quest and deleted Slime from the room near NPC Wyda
  • Improved Rookgaard healing NPCs: Cipfried, Dallheim, and Zerbrus now provide healing services limited to a maximum of 65 hit points upon the "heal" text
  • Fixed that after the loss of the house, items go to the correct deposit
  • Corrected the system to ensure that rent warning letters are sent to the appropriate deposit
  • Wrong house tile and torches inside houses fixed, under Ankrahmun shops
  • Added sellable minotaur leather item to NPC Irmana
  • Fixed paladin conjuring ammunition costs a soul
  • Fixed, previously locked Senja doors, which failed to respond to key 4501.
  • Fixed Rashid's Wednesday mission by adding Scarab Cheese, resolving the issue of travel during the mission and crimson sword mission
  • Modified exori mort spell to deal physical instead of death damage.
  • Fixed bookcases near NPC Wyda
  • Added missing small fishes in Calassa Kelp
  • Fixed Treasure Island map

All changes will be available after 15/03 Global Save.

To do list has been updated:
Todolist - Treasura.online (https://treasura.online/index.php?subtopic=todolist)

Best regards,
The Treasura Team.
Changelog #11:

  • Fixed map bugs reported until 21/03 - 22:01 CET
  • Send items to the appropriate depo after losing the house.
  • Fixed ornamented shield quest stalagmite tile
  • Full reworked monsters spawns on -7 and -5 floors in Formorgar Mines
  • Grizzly Adams house deleted
  • Removed poison damage from poison dagger
  • Fixed NPC Yaman amulet charges (silver amulet, strange talisman, protection amulet, dragon necklace)
  • Fixed NPC Haroun amulet charges (bronze amulet, garlic necklace, elven amulet)
  • Fixed NPC Sandra gives lottery ticket for 100 empty vials
  • Banshee doesn't hit distance spell anymore
  • Fixed life ring quest bridge
  • Added missing Priestess in Behemoth quest
  • Added missing Rotworms in Edron caves
  • Added missing two-handed sword in POH burst arrow quest
  • Fixed Demona Warlocks & Elf Arcanist spawns
  • Reworked guild system, added requirements like on real tibia. Guild can now have active or inactive status.
  • Fixed guild house system and added real tibia requirements
  • Fixed NPC Ocelus dialog for the Eleonore Quest mission
  • Improved selling shards to NPC Hjaern
  • Added Green Perch & Rainbow Trout as food and fixed their % of regeneration
  • Fixed NPC Sandra, Raymond Striker, Duncan, Vulturenose, Klaus issues in Nargor Quest
  • Added missing drawbridges in Liberty Bay and all Isles around
  • Fixed traveling positions in Liberty Bay Isles NPCs
  • Added missing tortoise egg from Nargor quest and fixed its doors
  • Fixed Catapult script in Nargor Quest
  • NPC Vulturenose requires the pirate set on you to let you enter in the pirates tavern
  • Nerfed nightmare a bit
  • Fixed bug with no pz when no skull player attacked skull player
  • Fixed woi (2 sqm) and woce (1 sqm) range
  • Fixed lost soul dead body
  • Fixed water elemental look type and body
  • Fixed addon items descriptions
  • Fixed Treasure maps mission in Nargor Quest
  • Fixed Darashia Rotworms Caves
  • Fixed Naginata Quest destroying stone with pick
  • Fixed Demon Helmet Quest tiles
  • Lowered a bit all monster spell cast chances
  • Fixed infinity drowning condition
  • Fixed Demon Helmet Quest doors, can be now opened with 6010 key

All changes will be available after 22/03 Global Save.

To do list has been updated:
Todolist - Treasura.online (https://treasura.online/index.php?subtopic=todolist)

Best regards,
The Treasura Team.
Treasura will be officially launched on 12th April at 18:00 CET!

Changelog #12:

  • Fixed all reported map bugs until 25/03 - 06:11 CET
  • Increased tile items limit to 30
  • Added tutorial how to launch Treasura client on MacOS in Downloads page and in FAQ
  • Fixed digging pickhole with liquid on the top
  • Corrected an issue where characters without a profession were not losing loot upon death.
  • Implemented a global limit of 150 items per tile when purchasing items from NPCs, fishing, and other activities.
  • NPCs Erayo and Vescu now consistently respond to texts, regardless of whether they are written in uppercase or lowercase letters.
  • The island with Bonebeast on Goroma has been slightly nerfed in terms of power gaming with GFB. Additionally, monster respawn rates on lower floors have been adjusted, including Lich Hell.
  • Fixed barbarian addon quest
  • Fixed throwing HMM effect and added missing Fire effect on hit
  • Fixed in The Ape City Quest Dworc, Chor and Fibula Doors
  • Fixed Banuta levers reset time from 15 > 10 minutes
  • Deleted the "ignore levers" from lever which opens the gate in deeper banuta
  • Added missing levers system in Dark Cathedral and fixed visualy few rooms
  • Added missing quest for bone key (5050) in Dark Cathedral
  • Fixed NPC Myra & Zoltan, added to them missing quest for Second Mage Addon (Female) and Second Summoner Addon (Male)
  • Added Missing Dworcs in Port Hope caves
  • Added missing quest for key 4055
  • Fixed panpipe quest door, can be opened with 4055 key
  • Fixed NPC Nemal, added quest for key 4037
  • Fixed key 4001 quest stone script
  • Added missing quest chest for key 4001
  • Fixed key 4001 door and it's book quest
  • Fixed NPC Adrenius, added quest for key 4023
  • Fixed NPC Hagor, added quest for key 4022
  • Fixed key 4009 quest
  • Added missing tokens in Kazordoon Games Hall
  • Added missing script id to stone in naginata quest
  • Deleted houses from 8.10 tibia : Nautic Observer, Rosebud A, B, C and Meriana Beach
  • Fixed black tiles during diagonal walking or on paralyze walking
  • Fixed mystic flames teleporters in: Peninsula, Shadow, Tarpit, Ancient Ruins Stone, Mountain, Oasis Tombs
  • Fixed Stone Tomb teleport at the end of the tomb, had wrong destination position
  • Fixed runes charges in quests
  • Fixed traps in Omruc room and reward room exit teleport
  • Fixed Crystal Arrow, Ancient Rune, Ornamented Ankh, Burning Heart, Sword Hilt, Cobrafang Dagger and Blue Note loot chance
  • Fixed door in HOTA Rahemos quest with hats and levers
  • Fixed Dipthrah levers and teleport in HOTA Quest
  • Added listing treasura coins in account manager
  • During character creation, a new requirement was introduced stipulating that names must consist of at least three letters.
  • Fixed access to Sweaty Cyclops via wheat
  • Fixed Dipthrah doors and teleport to Dipthrah room
  • Deleted random Nomad spawns on Ankrahmun desert
  • Added missing Hyaenas, Lion & Deers on Ankrahmun desert
  • Fixed Vashresamun instruments script in HOTA quest
  • Fixed Morguthis teleports in HOTA quest and mystic flames
  • Fixed Thalas levers and teleport in HOTA quest
  • Fixed Ashmunrah levers and teleport in HOTA quest
  • Fixed HOTA crafting system
  • Added duration to enchanted with small ruby HOTA
All changes are available after 26/03 Global Save.

To do list has been updated:
Todolist - Treasura.online (https://treasura.online/index.php?subtopic=todolist)

Best regards,
The Treasura Team.
Treasura trailer has been added on youtube:

Best Regards,
The Treasura Team.
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