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Programmer Ubuntu/Debian Server Installation, SSL, Apache2 & Nginx Configuration, TFS 0.4 & PHP Scripting - Affordable & Flexible


Feb 22, 2023
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Hello Everyone,

If you're in search of an all-in-one solution for your server, web security, and scripting requirements, look no further!

What We Can Do For You:

1. Ubuntu & Debian Server Installation: Custom-built, super-secure, and ready-to-launch server setups.
2. SSL Configuration: Step up your website's game with top-notch SSL encryption.
3. Nginx Configuration: Supercharge your server with the optimized power of Nginx.
4. Apache2 Configuration: We're wizards at tailoring Apache2 for a variety of web services.
5. Scripting (TFS 0.4): Whether it’s a small fix or a big project, we’ve got you covered.
6. PHP Scripting: With a range of web development services in PHP, we turn your ideas into reality.


Why You Should Choose Us:
  • Experienced: We're not just coders; we're problem-solvers with a knack for innovation.
  • Affordable & Flexible: Premium service shouldn’t be a luxury. Our packages are designed to be budget-friendly.
  • Reliable: No excuses, just results. We deliver on time, every time.

We offer custom-tailored packages to meet your needs. Intrigued? Let's talk!

Let's Connect!

Hit me up via PM here on Otland, or slide into my Discord DMs at claws2012.

Ready to redefine your web and server experience?

Let's Connect!

Best Regards,

Feel free to make any last-minute changes before posting. Good luck!
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