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C++ Understanding the Tibia Engine (many questions)


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Jun 22, 2018
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I stopped working on my distribution to study other things related to computer science and programming.

I've reproduced Tibia in Unity for Android, but without multiplayer network cause on their official forum they say they are working on a new API that will be released probably in 2020 and the older API for multiplayer network is deprecated.

When I was searching for solutions for this, I've read somewhere to stop using Unity and make my own engine, and that is what brings me here.

On Unity we have some pre-made things like Box Collider (a component for an object that makes it collisible with other obejcts) and Animator (a component that makes the animation of the sprites of the object), how/where is this made on Tibia? I know there is an Object Builder for Tibia that makes itens/objects collisible, but I really need to develop a tool to make the objects from the game collisible? I want to know how Remeres work too, this way I could make an "export" button to export maps compatible with Unity (the Tiled MapEditor tool for Unity sucks a lot).

Which files and functions should I look in the source code to understand the backend things?

I want to know how the map, xml, lua, dat and spr files are read and connected to the server, how the multiplayer connection is made, how things are sync, etc.

What's is the best way to learn that? Where should I start? Which files should I look? Is it better to study using the cipsoft virgin files or TFS 1.3?

In the future I want to have all the knowledge needed for making my own game, something like Iryont made with Medivia.