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Unnamed Project (English/USA/10.98/TESTERS)


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Oct 9, 2017
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Hi everyone, I'm currently looking for just a couple of people to help test and bug out my map. It's never been seen before, no parts are copied from another it is 110% custom by me. After the map gets tested fairly well, you will have the option to stay and help with testing in the next phase, scripts. Each part of this offer is done in steps map, scripts, spells, vocations, monster and so further however not in that order.

Server Name: Currently doesn't have one, simply known as Project T.
Server Location: USA, currently hosted on a personally dedicated server.
Server Experience Rate: This is currently set at 50x Experience.
Server Website: Not available to the public yet.

Server Description: The server known as Project T currently is targeted for a slightly faster experience than the original game. This is a server for those who love the base game, but what a little faster progression experience. It has no wild crazy monsters, items, spells, or vocations. I plan to simply work off what a clean TFS/Tibia setup comes as. You will not simply log in and fight demons right off the bat! You will need to do a mild grind to get to that stage and maybe have a friend to help!

You will encounter a third, and a fourth promotion here, you will also meet some new systems in place that you might not have had to use before also. My map is small, but I try to do some updates as I find them suitable myself. You will currently find that a dragon lord is one of the strongest monsters on the map, but please don't think you'll simply solo it within the first 10 minutes of playing!

How do you apply, or request to test things? That's simple! Simply reply here with some simple information such as the following:

Hours you can spare
How long have you played?

That's it! Also please know that I'm currently after people that speak English fluently. Thank you!