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[USA][Custom / 7.x-8.x] Return Of Tibia - Old Hardcore Days

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Feb 18, 2019
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Return Of Tibia is a «dungeons and dragons» designed to bring back the best version of Tibia before they ruined the game with very high experience rate or bot-similar features built into their client. We're trying to catch the old and true way of MMORPG hardcore gaming with no options to let your credit card decide how powerful you can be.

A game that took the best out of old and latest Tibia, improving the gameplay without ruining the original hardcore aspect.

Return Of Tibia has a game launcher with anti-cheat measurements, detecting illicit tools such as bots, macros or any possible cheat. The open beta has a server hosted in the eastern US, thus offering a very low latency to both North America and South America; however, it releases features somewhat limited to the public and it's also possible to find bugs, so don't hate the game and enjoy your journey.

Additional Information:

• 24/7 Uptime - Without lags
Exp Stages - from x3.5 to x1
• The map is custom RL Based
• Retro PVP - (Aimbot Hotkeys is disabled)
Custom client - Auto-updater + Anti-cheat
Web store - Instant delivery
• Around 30+ Custom Items
• All retro and new outfits
• You can get all outfits/addons through quests
• Web guild managed - Don't need to relog to see changes
• Ammunition can break or drop
• Start at level 1 with vocation

Some feature images:
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